KPMG And Microsoft Announce New ‘Blockchain Nodes’

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
KPMG And Microsoft Announce New ‘Blockchain Nodes’

Together, the companies will develop and demonstrate the use cases that adopt blockchain technology to business propositions and processes.

KPMG and Microsoft team up to address complex global business issues using combined advanced technologies, industry insight, creative thinking, and established excellence. The target areas will include data and analytics, cloud transformation, compliance and risk, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and work culture.

The companies have announced the launch of joint Blockchain Nodes – innovation workspaces – aimed at development and demonstration of use cases that adopt blockchain technology to business propositions and processes.  The first joint Blockchain Nodes are in Frankfurt and Singapore, with future plans for a location in New York.

KPMG states that its knowledge and experience will help other companies to go from challenge to resolution via clear understanding what is necessary to move the business forward: the technologies, the processes, the planning, the change management, and the financial and risk assessments as well as tax implications.

“Your tailored solution is then built on the certified Microsoft Azure cloud platform – ready to scale to your needs, deliver on your programs, and support how you do business in today’s connected world. With the KPMG Microsoft alliance, you can gain the capacity and capabilities to achieve valuable business insights, make smarter decisions faster, and quickly adapt to change while also managing risk, compliance and security”, KPMG says.

“Together with KPMG’s experience in successfully transforming business models, we are pursuing innovative applications of blockchain technology that will help our customers worldwide achieve their strategic goals,” said Marley Gray, principal architect program manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering at Microsoft. “The global availability of our Microsoft Azure cloud platform, the hybrid cloud architecture, and multi-tiered security address the specific compliance requirements of clients and help accelerate the use case process.”

Jens Rassloff, KPMG’s global head of Alliances, shares that the Blockchain Nodes means the creation of fresh approach to customers’ complex issues as well as opening the door to new opportunities. The start-up ecosystem is encouraged to participate in use case development to expand the range of solutions for the challenges blockchain implementation presents for financial institutions and other industry players.

Recently, Microsoft has confirmed one more partnership – together with Tierion the companies will be working on a service to enable linking data to the blockchain to prove the data’s integrity and existence.

Tierion together with Microsoft’s decentralized identity initiative will be used to generate attestations that can be verified with no need to rely on a trusted authority. Microsoft sees the mission of its decentralized identity initiative in allowing people and organizations controlling their identity and related data. The company is developing a technology to let users sign data, claims, or agreements with their identities. Attestations are these very bits of identity-signed data.

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