Crypto Launchpad CoinList Announces Plans for pSTAKE Token Sales

Crypto Launchpad CoinList Announces Plans for pSTAKE Token Sale

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Crypto Launchpad CoinList Announces Plans for pSTAKE Token Sale
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pSTAKE operates based on a dual token system that notably simplifies the process of staking and earning rewards.

Crypto ecosystem renowned digital assets launchpad, CoinList has announced plans for the pSTAKE token sale on its platform. As announced by the startup, the sale will take place on December 16th at 18:00 UTC, and with a marked deviation from previous CoinList token sale, pSTAKE will have only one public option.

A total of 25 million PSTAKE tokens are up for sale and the defined price for each token is $0.40. Successful participants of the pSTAKE token sale will gain access to 25% of the tokens they purchased as early as January 25, 2022, with the remaining tokens subjected to a 6-month linear vesting schedule.

While the registrations for the token sale are already underway, there is a provision for users who mints or stake on the pSTAKE protocol to be invited for a priority list to gain access to the token sale. This priority queue is invite-only and according to CoinList, this list will be significantly shorter than the main token sale queue and runs in parallel to the main queue.

As a way to reward its loyal members, CoinList said it will unveil a special reveal for the CoinList Karma community very soon.

Why the CoinList Crypto Launchpad Is Agog with pSTAKE Token Sale

Judging from its past records, the CoinList token sale platform is known to back innovative projects that are shaping the utility of the broader blockchain and Web3.0 ecosystem. pSTAKE is no different as it comes off as a liquid staking protocol for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based assets that allows the holders of staked assets to earn rewards while maintaining liquidity of their assets.

The pSTAKE protocol functions in an intricate, yet easy-to-understand manner. For every assets staked via the pSTAKE protocol, staked tokens are issued in return. The technological capabilities of the pSTAKE protocol enable it to tap into the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem while accessing the liquidity and composability of Ethereum.

Every project boasts of its uniqueness which is largely unique per design and reward scheme for all users. The functionality of pSTAKE is further enhanced with the presence of a pBridge which facilitates the transfer of value between various blockchains, including Ethereum, Cosmos, and Persistence.

pSTAKE operates based on a dual token system that notably simplifies the process of staking and earning rewards. Users who are conversant with the 1:1 pegged of common Decentalized Finance (DeFi) systems will not get lost with pSTAKE. pTokens are 1:1 pegged ERC-20 unstaked tokens that copy the functionality of the underlying PoS network and only represent unstaked tokens on that network. The tech behind pSTAKE is further complemented with the fungibility of all issued stkTokens.

Redefining Crypto Crowdfunding Operations

Through various innovative launchpads operating in the crypto ecosystem today, the process of crowdfunding is now being improved upon on a daily basis. Taking CoinList for example, the protocol serves as a bridge for projects in need of funding with total compliance to regulations, and for investors who are wary of rug pulls and other scams associated with crypto-based crowdfunding programs.

With CoinList, everyone seems to be taking a cut of the dividends of the advancement in the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

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