Liquid Craft NFTs Set To Launch On Oct 29

Place/Date: - October 19th, 2021 at 7:11 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Curtis Ramsay, Source: Liquid Craft

Liquid Craft NFTs Set To Launch On Oct 29

Today, Liquid Craft has announced that the first set of liquor-backed NFTs are launching at 12 PM PST on Oct 29th. The initial mint titled Dragons & Bourbon, is an NFT collection tied to handcrafted Bourbons, and is being released in a limited number on the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain.

This launch is the first of many NFTs planned to be released from the project, with the team currently in the build phase of a complete marketplace for various collectible liquor-tied NFTs. The objective is to not only provide more value to the NFT space but also create a new option for would-be investors of the more traditional liquor market.

The Limited Edition Initial Mint – Dragons & Bourbon

The first release from Liquid Craft is titled Dragons & Bourbon. This Liquid Craft NFT series is created in conjunction with an international award-winning distillery – The Heart Distillery. Found at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Windsor Colorado, The Heart Distillery have handcrafted this premium bourbon using a combination of hand-grown and carefully selected ingredients, to create something that cannot be replicated anywhere else, a one of a kind collectible.

Each NFT on offer as part of this launch event represents a physical bottle of this premium bourbon, and due to the limited nature of the small batch created, the initial mint is strictly limited. For interested buyers that do miss out, there are plans in place for a full marketplace to open in the near future. The marketplace will incorporate a wide variety of international crafters, with fine wines, spirits, specialty craft beers, and liqueurs.

NFTs – More Than Just Digital Art

NFTs have caught the attention of a variety of different industries and are being adopted into a wide range of use cases that include the art world, music industry, collectibles, and gaming. The benefit of NFTs for most applications is due to the smart contracts built inside each individual digital art piece. They can be traded, collected, gifted, sold, and resold, cannot be altered, only have one official owner, and are completely secure.

Smart Contracts & NFTs – Providing The Solutions

This tradeability is the missing piece of the puzzle for the current liquor investment market. At present, the biggest barrier to entry for most would-be traders is the requirements for intermediaries like brokers and auction houses, as well as the logistics involved in transporting and storing the physical product.

These processes can see a valuable investment depreciate quickly if not followed through correctly, and can be the biggest deterrents most newcomers face when trying their hand at the liquor investment market. Liquid Craft is using the smart contracts built into these NFTs to effectively eliminate these barriers.

Liquid Crafts Official Launch on October 29th

Liquid Craft NFTs Set To Launch On Oct 29

Liquid Crafts limited edition run of NFTs called Dragons and Bourbon will be going live at 12 PM PST on October 29th. The marketing drive for the release has started, with the team behind the project doing a round of AMAs and competitions on their social media pages. Prizes include the NFTs themselves as well as whitelist opportunities for those not wanting to miss out on the limited run. The Liquid Craft team has also partnered with premium crypto marketing agency Coinpresso for help with the launch, and future releases that include the upcoming marketplace.

The Vision for Liquid Craft In the Coming Months

The NFT series Dragons and Bourbon is expected to be a small sample of what the project has planned, with more liquor-backed NFT releases expected in the near future.

The general objective of Liquid Craft is to not only create much-needed change in the investment markets of NFTs and fine liquors, but to also assist quality crafters reach a new customer base. The upcoming NFT marketplace aims to be a launchpad for global producers of collectible liquors that serves as a single point of interaction between them and the buyers that are seeking their products.

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