Litecoin Foundation Becomes a Horror Movie Producer

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Litecoin Foundation Becomes a Horror Movie Producer
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According to the description on Apple iTunes, the movie from Litecoin sets three friends off on a road trip to a heavy metal gig that ultimately sees them involved in scary shenanigans involving satanic killers.

It seems that nowadays it isn’t enough that you are “just” one of the most famous cryptocurrencies. At least according to the Litecoin Foundation. As per the latest information, Litecoin decided to become, wait a second – an executive movie producer. The movie is of course not a Hollywood blockbuster because that wouldn’t be cool, would it? The name of the movie is “We Summon the Darkness” and the genre is “heavy metal horror” (whatever that means).

Be it as it may, the movie is produced by the Los Angeles-based film production company and Litecoin advocates Common Enemy and was released digitally on April 10.

On April 13, the Litecoin Foundation shared the probably most awaited trailer between the members of the crypto community for a, let’s say it again, a satanic heavy metal-themed comedic horror movie for which it acted as executive producer. The foundation’s logo can be seen in the trailer’s opening credits.

Johnny Knoxville ‘Summons the Darkness’

‘We Summon the Darkness’ stars Alexandra Daddario and Amy Forsyth, and also has an appearance from MTV’s Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville. Yep, you heard it right. However, it is without a doubt that Knoxville would star in something that fells under genre, let’s repeat, satanic heavy metal-themed comedic horror. The movie premiered at Fantastic Fest in Texas during September 2019 and was released digitally last week.

Except the Litecoin (whose CEO obviously has a great sense for humor), the movie itself was produced by Common Enemy. Three of the 11 videos currently hosted on Common Enemy’s YouTube channel promote Litecoin (LTC) as a means of payment.

The Litecoin Foundation has been quietly (we wonder why) working to cultivate a presence in the film world for roughly one year. Let’s just mention that the organization sponsored the San Diego International Film Festival in October 2019.

Because it is important to attract the visitors, all festival-goers who purchased a six-day pass were given Litecoin they could donate to films accepted for screening at the event. And there was the competition as well. The movie that collected the most LTC donations won the “Litecoin Foundation Award” and received an extra $1,000 in Litecoin. Guy Davies’ “Philophobia” won the foundation’s award.

Litecoin as a Powerful Tool for Movie Financing?

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee then said:

“Mass adoption requires two things: awareness and real-world use cases. The film industry checks off both of these boxes in a compelling way. Litecoin has the potential to be a powerful tool for film financing, and by collaborating with the creative and influential people in this space we have an opportunity to introduce Litecoin to millions of individuals across the globe.”

It is also worth mentioning that some actors were Litecoin proponents as well. In May 2019, Anthony Mackie, the actor who played Hawkman in “The Avengers,” promoted Litecoin in an “Everything I Do In A Day” video published by Vanity Fair.

Also, let’s just say that it shouldn’t be weird a cryptocurrency-focused organization is linked to a horror movie. The Litecoin Foundation earlier came up with deals to showcase the LTC logo in the UFC Octagon and at Miami Dolphins games – all as part of its efforts to promote the network in payments.

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