Lucid Motors Unveils Luxury Electric Sedan Lucid Air, Copy-Paste of Tesla Model S

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Lucid Motors Unveils Luxury Electric Sedan Lucid Air, Copy-Paste of Tesla Model S
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Electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors has unveiled its first production unit dubbed, Lucid Air. The model is seen to be a copycat of the Tesla Model S sedan.

Competition in the electric vehicles industry is building up amid the pandemic with startup companies coming up with their innovations. Silicon Valley EV startup, Lucid Motors, has unveiled its first production model dubbed Lucid Air to compete with well-established Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA), specifically the Tesla Model S model.

According to CEO Peter Rawlinson, the new Lucid Air is more efficient, faster and spacious than Tesla’s Model S. Interestingly, Rawlinson has been actively involved in the building of the two models from the two companies, whereby he once worked as a lead engineer for Tesla. In addition, he claims that the high-end version of the Air is 17% more energy-efficient than Tesla models, allowing for more range with fewer cells. He told the media:

“What we’ve got is a breakthrough in electric cars. That’s not just due to batteries, it’s due to a whole host of big picture thinking that’s added up”.

Lucid Motors Competition with Tesla

The high competition in the EV industry will greatly benefit customers as the prices are likely to drastically drop. Most electric vehicles are categorized as luxury units and mostly attractive to high-income earners. However, the game is likely to change as the ‘great filter’ kicks in for the global market to recover from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Displacing Tesla as the leading EV maker is going to take more than simply throwing a copycat in the market and topping it with PR through the media. This is large because Tesla has invested a lot in its production and marketing in the past years it has been in existence. Besides, it has a head start in most of the challenges to face in the market and is currently probably working on them.

Notable Lucid Air Specs

Lucid Air is said to have certain specifications that will put it on a vantage point to gain customers sympathy. Some of them include a 113 kWh battery pack, capable of 517 miles of range under perfect conditions, 20-miles of range per minute of charging (DC fast charger), nearly 60 percent of range in 20 minutes of charging, 1,080 horsepower, 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and able to hit a quarter-mile in 9.9 seconds.

The company reported that the Lucid Air will have a price range of $80,000-$169,000 before incentives, depending on the configuration of 280-liter frunk (front trunk). Notably, the vehicle will come with a 32-sensor advanced driving assistance system, including cameras, radar, ultrasonic, and LIDAR.

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