LuckyChain: Build a Luck Mechanism Infrastructure with Blockchain and Unleash the Great Potential of the Fair and Trusted System

Place/Date: - February 4th, 2020 at 3:52 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: LuckyChain

Blockchain has been developed for 12 years, and it has moved forward to industrial applications. In the foreseeable future, blockchain will be closely integrated with various industries. The blockchain itself will also create new things, promote global social and economic development, and create great value.

Fortunately, mankind has been given infinite reverie since ancient times, reflecting the pursuit of all good things on the basis of fairness. However, the operation of the luck mechanism has many pain points such as cheating and fraud due to the opaque operation mechanism.

LuckyChain is based on the characteristics of the blockchain that are inherently immutable, distributed data sharing, and decentralized governance. It uses a public chain of high-performance to create a fair and credible luck mechanism system to solve information asymmetry, data island and silos in various luck scenarios so as to optimize the industrial structure, build a consensus token economy which enables the operation of the luck mechanism as the starting point to build a value network and release the great value of the luck mechanism on the new track.

Public Chain Infrastructure of Excellent Performance

LuckyChain provides a smart and trusted blockchain infrastructure service through a smart trusted encryption lottery mechanism. The distributed ledger breaks the traditional centralized lucky algorithm operation mechanism, and realizes the organic combination of lucky algorithms and smart contracts to ensure smart trust. And the sharing and efficient data system guarantees the supervision rights of LuckyChain ecological participants and creates a truly credible and fair mechanism system. LuckyChain has broad development prospects, the ecological boundary will be continuously expanded, and the requirements for data processing and system stability are very high. In this dimension, the LuckyChain public chain has the capacity of million-level TPS, far exceeding the performance of relevant comparable public chains. As a result, LuckyChain, as an excellent underlying infrastructure, can guarantee the smooth operation of ecological applications and economic closed loops.

Build a Trusted Application Ecosystem through Strong Scalability

As a fair and credible lucky algorithm infrastructure, LuckyChain can carry many application scenarios of lucky algorithms. By providing customized infrastructure services and taking full advantage of the high open technical characteristics of the public chain to build a super-scalable lucky Application ecology. In the early stage of development, LuckyChain’s application ecology is cut into three areas: law, education, and finance, and constantly expanded, improved, and linked various application sectors. In democratic elections required by law, LuckyChain can ensure that all votes are authentic and credible, so that the results truly reflect democratic will and improve social governance. In the global education industry, the application of LuckyChain makes the admissions process transparent and credible, makes the access to educational resources more fair and credible, and creates high social value. In the financial scenario, LuckyChain protects the interests of all participants and investors through applications related to the lucky algorithm, such as IPOs and entertainment, to create a truly credible and transparent financial system.

Expand Ecological Boundaries with Economy Closed Loop

LuckyChain uses public chain and token as tools to build a bridge of value communication between various applications and solve the pain points of value separation between application scenarios. In general, LuckyChain is a distributed economic ecosystem composed of the underlying infrastructure and many application scenarios, and is based on ensuring the intelligent and reliable operation of the luck mechanism. LUC token carries the entire function of transferring ecological values. Through the closed-loop design of scientific business models and economic models, LUC can be trusted to circulate in the LuckyChain ecosystem to stimulate network effects, attract many participants to jointly build ecological value networks, continuously expand ecological boundaries, and build an organically linked LuckyChain ecosystem.

In general, LuckyChain has a strong infrastructure and a highly scalable application ecology. Coupled with the implementation of the closed loop of the token economy and the stimulation of network effects, the new value network will be used to discover the great value of “blockchain + luck mechanism”.