Lynked.World and ICOBox Team Up to Simplify Life Through Blockchain Tech

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Lynked.World and ICOBox Team Up to Simplify Life Through Blockchain Tech

Meet Lynked.World, a blockchain-based platform changing the way we own, control and share digitally trusted identity, data and documents. ICO to go live on October 1.

Lynked.World, a solution designed for simplifying life through blockchain, has signed up a partnership with ICOBox, the world’s leading provider of SaaS services for conducting ICOs, which will be providing marketing services to Lynked.World to help the company prepare for its ICO launch in October.

Headquartered at Hoofddorp, North Holland, Lynked.World is working to create a future where people can conveniently and securely own, control and share digitally trusted identity, data and documents without being physically present at any particular location.

The platform offers individual and corporate users a vast array of services designed to give them full control over their digital information. Lynked.World is striving to harness blockchain capabilities to overcome the “trust barrier” and eliminate worries about the authenticity of digital identities and digitally shared data.

Arun Kumar, Lynked.World Founder & CEO says:

“In today’s world, the only way to definitively know that a person you’re dealing with is who he says he is, is to have him right in front of you, with his ID in his hand. Any other evidence can be made up relatively easily, so it requires a certain degree of trust on the part of the parties to the transaction. We decided to take the trust out of the equation: our blockchain-based platform will have many layers of security to ensure the complete authenticity of digital identities, data and documents. To simplify people’s lives and give them peace of mind is our primary purpose.”

As its main user base, Lynked.World is targetting students, freelancers, job seekers and professionals, who will be able to store and share their digital documents and identities. Likewise, governments, businesses and educational institutions could make use of the service by verifying and validating potential clients and partners.

The platform is also intended as a one-window service through which citizens can apply for, and receive, various government-issued documents, such as birth certificates, residence permits, etc. Durgapur and Bankura Municipal Corporations in India have recently agreed to work with their citizens via the Lynked.World app to simplify and speed up the document and digital certificates procurement procedures.

In this digital age users can finally truly own their identities and send their credentials to anyone who asks for them, quickly, easily and safely. The verified identities can then be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as casting a vote at the ballot box, online, or even in the comfort of one’s own home.

Another potential use for Lynked.World’s services can be in the employment and academic sectors where companies will be able to see first hand, verified backgrounds of their future employees or students. This will help reduce corporate spending on potential candidates’ recruitment and background checks eliminating the need for educational institutions to constantly verify the credentials of the same student or employee.

The LYNK ICO will start on November 15, 2018 and will run until February 10, 2019. There are 150,000,000 LYNK token available for sale. Users getting in on the sale in its first three weeks, November 15-December 7, will receive 35% discount on tokens.

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