Marsis: Frontrunner of NFT x DeFi x DAO

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Marsis: Frontrunner of NFT x DeFi x DAO
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With many NFT enthusiasts nowadays including celebrities and industry leaders, Marsis strongly wants to reinforce the broader spectrum of NFT adoption.

2020 has been disruptive in the blockchain industry. With the surge of decentralized finance (DeFi), the traditional financial system shifted its paradigm to digital – making it more secure, transparent, and lucrative. Following this trend, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) boomed as well. 

Tokenization and decentralization now go hand-in-hand. NFT and DeFi, in short, are the hype these days as two of the most versatile blockchain technology-driven applications. To those who are not familiar with it, the emergence of DeFi enabled unbanked access to financial service at a minimal cost and simultaneously present lucrative investment opportunities. On the other hand, NFT opened up an imaginary world that offers a much fairer and straightforward breeding ground for artists, musicians, and collectors, among others. 

Between making, minting, and selling creations via an NFT marketplace, people can stay financially buoyant and guaranteed full ownership of their assets. This is where Marsis comes into play. Sensing the immense future growth within these blockchain use cases, some disadvantages also exist such as unfair valuation and subjective quantification. With this regard, Marsis takes leverage of the blockchain and establishes a 3-in-1 platform that would bring the digital community together. 

Marsis: A Pioneer, Self-governing, Decentralized NFT Platform

With many NFT enthusiasts nowadays including celebrities and industry leaders, Marsis strongly wants to reinforce the broader spectrum of NFT adoption. Hence, it aims to present a pioneering, self-governing, and decentralized NFT valuation platform for everyone. 

Regardless if you are a content creator, marketer, moderator, or simply an aficionado, Marsis can be your go-to NFT marketplace. The Marsis initiated a voting protocol that will soon be the market’s weathervane that allows asset price tracking, trigger margin calls and liquidation, and serve a pivotal role in NFT value discovery. 

In reality, investing in multi-asset types will require cross-platform activities. This entails dealing with diverse information and possible delays. Marsis is breaking the noise by going beyond geo-economical and territorial barriers that will dampen the investing motives of NFT assets. There would be no issues such as controls on foreign exchange and licenses for account opening that makes investors demotivated in empowering valuable assets.

At the early stage of the game, Marsis has already built a solid blueprint of its novel platform. Let’s take a glimpse at the innovative features it can offer:

Decentralized Autonomous Organization: Creating a decentralized, self-govern NFT ecosystem, the Marsis platform implements the DAO concept. How? Native token – SIS – holders who are basically the platform users may deploy the essence of DAO and achieve transparency as well as maximize profits. 

Motivated by incentives in the form of SIS tokens, the community is encouraged to work towards a unified goal. Users popularize and build the asset evaluation of NFTs by giving out consensual votes. 

An extensive NFT platform: Presenting the most comprehensive NFT trading information, Marsis minimizes the cost of NFT creation; diminishes arbitration, cost, and friction; as well as offers a secured, stable and inclusive NFT trading experience. 

The prevalent momentum in NFT asset trading has drawn cryptocurrency traders into the space. Thus, a growing number of mature and experienced creators from the traditional market are showing a solid tendency to publish art pieces, collectibles, and other relics in the form of NFTs. 

Voting Protocol: Building a consensual NFT market value, users help in shaping and defining the NFT market value by staking SIS tokens and giving out votes. The ultimate aggregated outcomes produced by Marsis will help to form an industrial consensus mechanism. 

Following the slow-> accelerate-> stable logistic function, Marsis believes that, by far, the majority of the NFT assets are facing a similar dilemma at the early stage – lacking an effective approach to prompt the subsequent growth. Therefore, upon the principle of the logistic equation, a voting drive/actuated consensus mechanism is introduced to help NFT assets realize an S-shaped growth.

DeFi Liquidity: Leveraging the DeFi features and encouraging yield farming, users profit from liquidity mining of the NFT and decentralized exchange (DEX) pools.

Marsis platform has developed a tri-pool mechanism to ensure that the success of yield farming accumulates value towards the tokens. They are designed to provide yields and values to SIS token holders.

Cross-chain mechanism: Developing and enabling multi mainstream blockchain ecosystem let Marsis connect mainstreamed ecosystems like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), and more, to realize cross-chain free flow of assets.

While in use in an NFT-powered ecosystem, people will no longer have to limit themselves on assets suitable to a specific chain. Instead, they will be able to transact with NFT assets from other compatible blockchains.

Synthetic Asset Aggregator: Accommodating the imaginary potentiality of the Synthetic Asset, Marsis derives asset richness and meets the public demand. 

Breaking down investment barriers, Marsis will serve as the NFT showroom, listing out the latest NFTs and crypto-collectibles and enabling peer-to-peer activities while accurately synthesizing the traditional assets in an NFT state. 

NFT Fragmentation: Fractionalizing NFTs widens the investment market, enriches investing types, lowers the entrance threshold, and eventually gives the best solution to improve NFT liquidity. 

By enabling the fractionalization of NFT assets, investors can get easier entry access to the platform. Through purchasing fractional ownership of NFT tokens and participating in micro-investment, anyone can be an NFT owner in no time.

Vision of Marsis: Digital Collectible Bazaar x Interactive Space

Similar to human’s curiosity towards Mars exploration, Marsis is taking up the challenge of becoming the eBay of the crossover world — NFT and DeFi. They combine cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to take the world to a whole new level of investments. 

As the project continues to progress, Marsis could be the most accessible place in the crypto market, nurturing more NFT-based features like lending, fragmentation, and hosting. Like how eBay became a multibillion-dollar business operating as an online auction and shopping website, Marsis will let collaborators and sponsors buy and sell a wide variety of NFTs worldwide.

The platform is free to use for buyers, but voting and NFT trading requires a certain amount of fees. Uploading the NFT assets (in any form) to the Marsis platform is possible. Once the NFT assets are available, platform users may show recognition by topping up their votes.

In this way, a massive digital collectible bazaar is formed where interested parties from around the world gather up without limitations. NFT creators, holders, and contributors can either upload, view, trade, or vote simultaneously, interacting with each other within the blockchain-based platform. 

Marsis Landing: Identity Check

On Marsis, SIS tickets and votes are the two most common circulating mediums. With these in your account, you will be able to participate in various activities. You can be considered as a spacewalker, resident, or guest – no matter what, you will find a lot of fun here by auto-engaging relevant investing-affiliated campaigns and getting incentives with SIS tokens by being a participant.

SPACEWALKERS: On Marsis, you can be a spacewalker like how astronauts shuffle on and backward on outer space. On this NFT planet, you can view and vote (as much as you want) for the NFT that catches your attention. Remember, the more you vote, the higher the value of that NFT will be; leading to more profits!

INDEPENDENT & AMATEUR CREATORS: All talented creators are invited to come onboard the Marsis platform. Whether you specialize in fine art, digital art, music, or sports, this is the place for your tokenized creation. You may take part in your capacity as a resident where you can originate your very own collection and possibly promote in the Marsis clan. Or, as a guest, you may drop the creations on the Marsis marketplace and wait until it’s voted and traded around.

What is more? You don’t have to trade to earn tokens! Marsis creators of the most-voted NFT assets will earn rewards for their extraordinary masterpieces.

How to Earn through Marsis Staking

The triple pool features bring a diverse rewarding system to all stakeholders. Two of them provide a rather delightful staking experience:

DEX Pool: Marsis has ensured that the staking process is streamlined as most liquidity platforms. Liquidity providers (LPs) are only required to stake supported liquidity tokens into the pool on the platform. Initially, the required pair is SIS-BNB. This must be staked on PANCAKESWAP to get LPs to farm in the Marsis DEX Pool. After which, you can start earning SIS token rewards.

Consensus Pool: In the self-generated pool, spacewalkers vote to stake. By giving votes to the ideal NFT pieces, the spacewalker gets to decide how much to stake and lock the votes accordingly. In return, voted NFT pieces are powered by the mining characters, where smart contracts trigger the mining activities and generate rewards.

Note: The dividend pool collects 5% of the commission for every voted on or traded NFT asset.

Final Thoughts 

Marsis, a decentralized, self-govern NFT valuation pioneer, has already closed a $1 million seed financing led by Stapling Insight. Other institutional investors include Chain Capital, Redline Capital, Jove Capital, R8 Capital, Kryptos, 7 O’clock Capital, Legendland Capital, SVC, and Chronos Capital.

The company’s groundbreaking platform offering a rational and vibrant ecosystem for NFT and DeFi, in addition to initiating and conceptualizing the idea of the voting protocol, presents great potential in the blockchain industry.

With NFT, DeFi, and DAO working in parallel with each other, the network will generate more earning, proliferate mass adoption, and collectively construct an impartial and value-driven approach in the long run.

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