Matchpool Teamed Up with Cryptocurrency Fund TaaS to Allow Users Open Investor Groups

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Matchpool Teamed Up with Cryptocurrency Fund TaaS to Allow Users Open Investor Groups
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The companies have signed a strategic agreement to enable users of the Matchpool application create communities of investors interested in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Matchpool, a decentralized dating and matchmaking platform, has announced a technological partnership with the first blockchain assets hedge fund Token-as-a-Service to facilitate the creation of investor communities.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Matchpool was developed to help people easily find like-minded individuals. The service allows users to create their own closed communities (“pools”) for free and invite other users to join them. Members can easily find partners with similar interests by joining the pools that meet their needs. Pool owners, meantime, get reward each time they create matches inside of their community.

Matchpool also developed its native token called Guppy (GUP), which can be used to reward matchmakers. The startup has recently released an Alpha 1.0 version of its app with basic features for pool creation and interaction.

Under the agreement, TaaS will enable the creation of two types of investor pools: a many-to-many private pool and a one-to-many public pool. A many-to-many community, created for a private group of investors, will enable members to exchange ideas and pitches related to certain ICOs, while a one-to-many public pool will allow users to offer projects to invest on favorable terms.

“Matchpool aims to make the world more synchronistic and connected within communities by creating a fair, incentive-based platform. We are excited to partner with TaaS, the fund that has already made progress in building a strong community of investors and enthusiasts. This cooperation will play a crucial part in the process of uniting the crypto world,” said Matchpool’s CEO, Yonatan Ben Shimon.

According to Matchpool, the partnership will allow it to further develop the platform by incorporating new monetization models for communities, improving chat system, and adding serverless architecture.

TaaS is focused on making it easier for customers to capitalize on the digital currency and blockchain projects. The company is constantly looking to collaborate with new startups from the cryptocurrency industry and Matchpool will become one of its many other partners.

“The strategic partnership between Matchpool and TaaS allows for further development of cryptospace infrastructure,” said TaaS co-founder, Dimitrii Chupryna. “Through creating pools based on Matchpool’s platform, the public acquires like-minded communities to network with, as well as access blockchain projects to fund.”

In July, TaaS invested 500 ETH in a new social trading ecosystem called CoinDash. The platform allows users to monitor and share investment data, follow performance of top investors and copy their investments via a smart contract tool.

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