Maya Preferred 223 Team Expanding

Place/Date: U.K. - August 19th, 2019 at 1:58 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Maya Preferred 223, Source: Maya Preferred 223

Today Maya Preferred 223 officially announced on their Twitter, that the project’s team was added with a new member, German Hugo Lopez Alday. In the company’s structure, German Lopez will join the board of directors to be in charge of the public sector, working on the first hand with assets that are backing the company’s stablecoin, MAPR, with gold and silver.

German Lopez has almost 30 years of serious management experience in the Mexican mining industry, mostly in Guerrero state:

  • 1991-1993 – General director of the administration and finances of the secretary of education, Guerrero (S.E.G.)
  • 1994 – General Director of “Abastecedora Golfo Pacífico S.A. de C.V”.
  • 2001 – General Director of “Constructora Inmobiliaria Tlalpulli S.A. de C.V”.
  • 2002 – German Lopez started mining activities as part of the “Cooperativa de mineros y gambusinos de Guerrero”
  • 2008 – Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the federation of miners and metallurgists, and similar to the State of Guerrero A. C.
  • 2015 to date – Secretary-General of the Association of miners, metallurgists and prospectors of Guerrero A.C.
  • 2016 to date – Vice President of Mining of CANACINTRA Chilpancingo Delegation.
  • 2019 – Vice President of Mining of the business coordination council, C.C.E.; Delegate and common representative of the Mining Association, Federation and Cooperative; Member of the National Convention.

Maya Preferred 223 team keeps expanding after the recent forward split, which dropped the price of a stablecoin, which at one time was the most expensive at the crypto market, 100 times. Shortly before German Hugo Lopez Alday, another prominent executive joined the team. Alejandro Lambarri, CEO of Global Payment Solutions, and ordained Knight Templar in Vatican City is now serving as an ambassador and General Representative of Maya Preferred 223 for Latin America.

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is a stablecoin, backed with 11 silver and gold assets, located in Mexico. After the first appearance on the exchange (FatBTC) at the end of March 2019, it’s price was rapidly growing, increasing fifteenfold to the end of July. After the value of one MAPR surpassed $25.000, U.K. Financial Ltd., a company, developing Maya Preferred 223, decided to conduct the first-ever crypto forward split, lowering the price of stablecoin 100 times to .

Maya Preferred 223 is traded on Cat.ex, FatBTC and Saturn exchanges. At the moment of writing the price of MAPR is about 0.025 BTC, equal to $253,1.

Recently Maya Preferred 223 announced the launch of a loyalty program. Coin holders who buy at least 0.20 MAPR will receive free monthly airdrops of Maya Coin, another currency, developed by the same team and currently traded on Cat.ex and Saturn exchanges for $1 per coin.