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Italian Luxury Car Maker Mazzanti Plans for Security Token Offering (STO)

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 2 min read
Italian Luxury Car Maker Mazzanti Plans for Security Token Offering (STO)
Photo: Mazzanti automobili / Twitter

Mazzanti Automobili is planning to raise a massive $1.2 billion via STOs and has added that it will accept BTC payments against the purchase of its Evantra Model.

On Thursday, February 25, Mazzanti Automobili – the Italian luxury carmaker – launched its security token offering (STO) on STOKR, a regulated digital marketplace. As part of the offering, Mazzanti said that it will raise 999,999 euros ($1.2 million) on STOKR while developing a special edition of its hypercar model Evantra Millecavalli R.

Company founder Luca Mazzanti aid that its security token offering (STO) kickstart a new era for the luxury carmakers to raise finance and capital. Besides, the Mazzanti STO will allow investors to buy its tokens at 1 Euro each.

Mazzanti also said that it will be issuing its token via the Blockstream AMP platform that specialized in the tokenization of securities. built on the Liquid sidechain of Bitcoin, the Blockstream AMP shall be directly integrated with STOKR. The official announcement reads:

“The STO shares 50% of its revenues with our tokenists. This means that Mazzanti Automobili intends to involve passionate, new investors who are ready to face an exciting path to grow globally. The investors can enjoy the brand’s expansion, the construction of innovative hypercars, the development of a sustainable “green” growth and, finally, the profitable and satisfying returns on each capital invested”.

However, the current offering is available only to select European countries. Also, the entry barrier is very less with the minimum investment requirement of just 50 euros.

Mazzanti Will Accept Bitcoin (BTC) Payments for Evantra Model

It looks like the luxury carmaker is expanding its crypto exposure beyond its security token offering. During Thursday’s official announcement, Mazzanti said that starting February 25, it will allow its customers to purchase all models of the Evantra model using Bitcoin (BTC).

After Tesla, this is for the first time that a luxury carmaker is willing to accept Bitcoin payments for their car sales. In the Italian market Mazzanti competes with top brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, and Pininfarina. Speaking about the launch of the STO, Lucca said:

“I am proud to be taking the growth of Mazzanti Automobili one step further and directly involving many passionate enthusiasts in the production of our hypercar. In our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, we immediately recognized the potential of security tokens for our goal of inclusion and expansion.”

The Luxembourg-based STOKR has wide experience in listing STOs. All the process happens in compliance with the capital market laws of the European Union.

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