McDonald’s Celebrates Big Mac’s 50th B-Day By Launching the MacCoin

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McDonald’s Celebrates Big Mac’s 50th B-Day By Launching the MacCoin
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The MacCoins will be released on August 2, which is also the birthday of Jim Delligatti – the man behind the legendary Big Mac creation.

America-based fast-food giant McDonald’s has found a unique way to celebrate the 50th birthday of its Big Mac burger, and guess what, it has adopted the crypto path. The company has launched a new global cryptocurrency called MacCoin wherein each token will be supposedly worth one Big Mac burger.

MacCoin, the universal “food currency” is launched across 50 different countries where McDonald’s operate, to score a free Big Mac. The company says that the MacCoins will be easily available as it has planned to release more than 6 million tokens worldwide.

The tokens will be available starting August 2, Thursday, lunchtime, all the customers purchasing a Big Mac will be getting a free MacCoin token at some of the selected outlets across the United States. Friday onwards i.e. August 3, customers can redeem this token for a free sandwich. The MacCoin tokens will be valid till the year-end at any of the participating locations around the world.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said that the company got the inspiration to create the MacCoins from the “Big Mac Index” that was used by The Economist in 1986 to “measure the purchasing power of international currencies every year.” In this time of crypto craze, creating a coin was a unique way to maintain the longevity of the burger, said the spokesperson.

The Big Mac signature burger was first created by McDonald’s franchise owner and entrepreneur Jim Delligatti. Jim conceptualized the idea of having a double-patty burger which is topped with lettuce, special sauce, pickles, cheese and onions and was first served in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. It was later launched across a number of stores and on the national menu on 1968 on August which is also Delligatti’s birthday. Unfortunately, Jim Delligatti passed two years back in 2016, but his family will be celebrating this special event.

The company said that there will be five different versions of the MacCoin, each representing the last five decades of the iconic burger. The first coin is decorated with flowers representing the period of “flower power” when it was invented. The other MacCoins represent the pop art of 1980s with some “bold and abstract” shapes similar to the pair of Mario Lopez’s A.C Slater pants from the 1990s. The fifth MacCoin shows the technological boom and shows emojis.

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