Meet 777.BINGO: The World’s First Blockchain-based Pan Entertainment Platform

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Meet 777.BINGO: The World’s First Blockchain-based Pan Entertainment Platform
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The goal of the project is to provide an open and transparent publishing platform both for blockchain and traditional games that will solve the main issues of the game industry.

For most people, blockchain is still associated with bitcoin and other digital currencies. Although that’s true that it serves as an underlying technology for the cryptocurrency, the reality is that the potential applications for the technology are much wider than just virtual currencies.

The primary benefit of blockchain is decentralization, which ensures transparency and security of apps running on the technology. Unlike such platforms as Facebook or Gmail, which have full control of your content, blockchain-based applications are not controlled by any entity and let users to manage their own data however they want.

777.BINGO is the new project that is designed to bring the advantages of the blockchain technology into the gaming industry. It is a cross-functional entertainment platform that will enable game publishers and players to interact in an organized, transparent, secure, and professional manner.

777.BINGO is essentially a game store, like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, allowing users to publish and distribute content on their platform. However, unlike these platforms, 777.BINGO is a completely fair and open ecosystem, where content creators are not limited by any terms and conditions or license agreements. This makes it easier to for game developers to promote their product and offers equal opportunity for users to get the highest rewards.

The platform is fueled by its native coin that can be stored in a wallet, used for game payments, or traded between Bingo users. By introducing its own token, the startup aims to overcome the existing difficulties of processing transactions in the gaming sector.

All users of the platform, including publishers, players and advertisers, can generate revenue on 777.BINGO. You can monetize your content and get rewards when gamers purchase it or vote for keeping it on the platform. Due to the traffic exchange system, 777.BINGO management will be able to monitor all purchases and launch ads targeted at players, thus generating additional income.

Another key feature integrated into the system is designed to deliver a more enjoyable experience to the community. By using tips, users can find gamers who want to play with them, or can pay a commission to find people willing to solve certain problems for them in a game. Thus, users can earn cryptocurrencies and make new friends while helping other players to level up in their game.

In addition to high security and transparency, 777.BINGO will offer game publishers low barriers to entry and an easy access to a broad market of players, as well as the ability to monetize content. The team behind the service is now working to combine advertising, social, analytics, and other modules to provide users with a truly comprehensive, pan-entertainment system that serve all their needs.

The project is designed by Mob Arts, a technical team that has created a revolutionary game called House of Heroes. It is the first third party developed mobile game that was launched on all Tencent platforms, such as Myapp, Mobile QQ, and Wechat in China. The game has already been downloaded 50 million times, while its monthly income reached more than 20 million dollars.

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