Meet BitHappy, The New Bitcoin Browser

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 2 min read

A new Bitcoin browser BitHappy improves ecommerce with the help of digital currency.

A new browser BitHappy has recently been launched with the aim of improving e-commerce with the use of Bitcoin. The platform calls itself the first Bitcoin browser in the world that enables selling goods and services online for Bitcoin.

The service is different from most selling platforms currently available, offering a simple and easy to use interface. Users from all over the world can sell goods and services via BitHappy. The service enables a craigslist-type assistance to the digital currency market.

Besides, BitHappy acts as a POS platform that can be used by merchants within physical store locations. Merchants can scan barcodes on products within their locations and offer basically anything for Bitcoins. The service generates an individual ID and QR code for everything a merchant would like to list, and customers pay the invoice with the digital currency.

“BitHappy enables anyone to buy and sell goods and services with Bitcoin. It is the world’s first Bitcoin Browser and the solution to mainstream adoption of Bitcoin. BitHappy allows Bitcoin to be used in everyday life. BitHappy is to Bitcoin what Netscape 1 was to the Internet,” says the website.

Merchants can easily list their products on the platform by adding a picture, few lines of description, any social links, website url related to the product and its price in local currency. Besides, the service automatically converts the price in fiat currency to its equivalent in Bitcoin. BitHappy integrates with Mycelium bitcoin wallet and the BitHappy application will be available this December.

Furthermore, BitHappy can be used to collect microdonations and raise funds for charitable and social causes. According to the website, BitHappy does not charge any transaction fee for purchases made over the platform, making it even more attractive to merchants. The company claims to be a quicker solution to many of the commotions revolving around Bitcoin market. BitHappy wants to provide “the simple mobile solution to use Bitcoins in the real world.”

“BitHappy is an alternative to the existing mobile payment system and a solution for the 2.5 billion unbanked. BitHappy ends financial exclusion,” says the website.

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