Czech Team of Developers Unblocks the Blockchain for Regular People

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Czech Team of Developers Unblocks the Blockchain for Regular People
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Czech team of developers introduces CitiCash – a new easy-to-use cryptocurrency designed to engage regular people unaware of blockchain technology into crypto world.

Cryptocurrencies have never been considered as the most stable and safest financial ecosystem, which can totally replace the fiat one. According to the latest news about another cryptocurrency’s falling down, the hope for its becoming the common man’s bank and an alternate to paper currencies is pulling away from reality.

As the number of crypto fans reduces, investors and commentators are loosing their believes for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology hitting mainstream. Instead, more and more rumors related to cryptocurrencies being just a means for digital scammers to mislead regular people continue to spread across the community.

However, a new cryptocurrency created by a Czech team of developers is about to change the situation. CitiCash offers its users an opportunity to use cryptocurrency intuitively in both crypto and real worlds, even for buying such common things as food in supermarkets, paying restaurant bills and doing shopping in both conventional and online shops.

According to the team, even people who are really far away from crypto world – our grandfathers and grandmothers, will be able to use it without any difficulty. The team’s main goal is to ‘Unblock the Blockchain’ for the people by providing them with a smarter, more simpler solution to the crypto market conundrum.

CitiCash is focused on four most important things. First of all, its users will benefit revolutionary easy-to-use UX, wich is very similar to the structure and system used in Internet banking. Even people who have no idea of how to use crypto wallets will be able to adopt to it easily.

Another beneficial feature is the possibility to connect CitiCash wallet to a simple Debit Card. The system converts CitiCash into any fiat currency accepted by the vendor. This feature was designed in order to speed up mass adoption of crypto for regular use.

The new currency also boasts higher level of security and faster transaction speed. A regular transaction lasts no longer than a few minutes with minimal transaction fee. Security is provided by the system of RingCT, which makes the transactions safer, and practically untraceable.

Moreover, CitiCash brings an all-in-one wallet concept, according to which such processes as sending coins, receiving coins or trading coins on the coin exchange market are managed all in one place, within the CitiCash wallet.

The CitiCash team consists of highly qualified professionals – geeks and smart-headed individuals who are passionate about the whole crypto-for-all idea. Under the leadership of Citi Lab Czech located in Prague, 17 full employed developers, product managers, marketing professionals work together aiming to make cryptocurrency closer to regular people.

The company launched the pre-sale of CitiCash coins on the 1st of September at 12 am CET. The new cryptocurrency is stated to disrupt the current market sentiment and create a more comprehensive and homogeneous utility for non-crypto enthusiasts.

Suffice it to say, CitiCash would surely set a benchmark in the industry with its ICO and create a market for mass adoption where even the regular populace could engage with blockchain and digital currencies.

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