Meet Faima: The Friendly Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistance

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The AI-based project has collected over 40 million patients’ cases to rule out medical errors in healthcare.

It is absolutely amazing how far we have come in the sphere of medicine. According to the Delve Health company a new medical article appears every 20 minutes. New methods of health examination, medical tests and researches have provided doctors with an opportunity to diagnose patients better than ever. Getting the needed data is no longer difficult. However, the whole sphere has faced a new problem: the correct diagnose is highly dependent on the qualification and experience of the doctor having an element of luck involved. People make mistakes.

Faima is using all the benefits of the artificial intelligence to diagnose diseases and provide users with the best treatment possible. This project is not setting any limits: Faima is available all over the world – and that may become the key to its success.

It is needless to say that the earlier the patient gets diagnosed, the easier it is to cure the illness. The artificial intelligence is used to analyze each exact case based on the data from more than forty million patients. And that is just beginning. The development of the project and the rise of its popularity will lead to the expansion of the database.

The Faima team has set an ambitious goal – to create a system that eliminates medical errors. The price of a mistake is too high in this sphere so the efforts of the team definitely worth it. Faima is using the decentralized distribution system to enable the processing of the tremendous amount of data. The combination of artificial intelligence with the decentralized operations processing has already proved to be effective.

Faima is not only concerned about the innovative side of the project – the platform is supposed to be user-friendly to gain trust of users. This project has worked a lot on making complicated things simple and effective. It provides solutions for all kinds of users. Every person interested in healthy living can use the Faima mobile app. Medical stuff is expected to integrate the desktop software into everyday working routine. The project also provides a variety of AI-based special equipment for deep analysis of patients’ health.

The project is not only about getting the professional diagnose and recommendations. Faima will also provide users with a number of important features like consulting doctors and ordering medicaments. The platform has issued its own MEDS token for the external usage. The pleasant part is that AI training will be rewarded by the platform with this token.

The pre-sale started on the 1st of March and demonstrated the interest of the public to Faima. At the moment the project is in the process of ICO. It started on the 1st of April and will be on air till the 1st of May. The cost of one MEDS token is just $0.4 – and that is a great deal as it will raise up to $1 after the running of the Faima users app.

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