Meet the First Dual-Chain Token!

May 14th, 2018 at 11:52 pm UTC · 3 min read

Byteball users have already started receiving their first Nicebytes bonuses. To qualify for the bonus, the only requirement was, and still is, to purchase tokens in the project and wait for your wallet on the Byteball platform to be toped up.

Airdrop for Byteball users was held on April 28 – with the sum of 38 476.33705 Nicebytes being transferred to each of the 7796 wallets. In dollar terms, bonuses equalled $ 384.74. The total amount of Nicebytes tokens transferred during this Airdrop almost reached the 3 million USD mark, or more precisely, 2,999,615.24 $.

Impressive figure, right? This is only beginning of a much large project that promises massive profits to its investors!

The very first Airdrop for NBT holders was successfully carried out on May 8, during which time, every account of our cryptoholders increased by 0.4%.  Airdrops will take place daily – every cryptoholder account will be topped up once a day with a randomly selected number of Nicebytes tokens.

What kind of technology is Dual-Technology?

The Dual-Chain technology means that the tokens can be released on two platforms simultaneously, making it even easier for investors to participate.

  • The Ethereum platform will provide token liquidity on all popular crypto exchanges, enabling ease in the buying and selling of tokens.
  • The Byteball platform, featuring the Airdrop scheme. We will reserve several tokens at the start, that won’t go towards the sale and will be distributed every 24 hours by a Smart contract amongst investors at rates as high as 2% of the account balance.

The important advantage of the Airdrop is that it doesn’t involve any human factor! The amount to be transferred to your account will be decided via a random number generator, created by the Swiss company, Idquantique, and based on quantum uncertainty principles.

Both platforms are connected via a Chat bot in the Byteball wallet: with its help, you can easily exchange Byteball tokens for Ethereum tokens at a 1 to 1 ratio and sell them later at the exchange.

This way, your income on each specific day will not depend on your actions, nor on the situation on crypto markets. Instead, investments will generate revenue, without having you to monitor the prices repeatedly and do not miss the rate drops.

The ultimate goal of our project is to establish NiceBytes as a reliable currency for savings and international payments.

What revenue can I expect?

Holders of NiceByte tokens can expect a return of up to 400% of the balance on their accounts during a year after the launch.

The key point is that NiceBytes cryptocurrency cannot be mined and its emission is limited. The regular interest distribution via airdrop will stimulate to store tokens in the wallets, raising their exclusivity on the market.

All you have to do is wait and see what interest your account will be credited with by the impartial machine today! And in any case – you can make a profit daily!

When you are tired to constantly monitor the exchange charts and fear to lose profits, choose NICEBYTES – a token that brings complete satisfaction!



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