Meet PUBLIQ, New Decentralized Marketplace For Authors

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Meet PUBLIQ, New Decentralized Marketplace For Authors
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PUBLIQ, a non profit foundation, offers authors an efficient and reliable ecosystem to interact and thrive in.

DECENT Network  has successfully developed the first 3rd party application named PUBLIQ. It is a free application created by an independent development team  for sharing digital content, including news and articles. The new ecosystem is built on top of DECENT Network.

Operation principle

Authors have access to a free, secure and censorship resistant platform where they can upload their work. The system protects the works within the latest blockchain architecture and has them thereafter safely distributed.  Intermediaries or traditional publishing houses, which used to control the author, are, in such a way, removed from the chain of creation and distribution.

Benefits for authors

Special rewarding system, created to encourage authors to share their talents with the world, was developed in the framework of work on PUBLIQ application.

It works as follows: rewards are assigned on a daily basis to authors depending on their PUBLIQ Score. The Score is a reputation built exclusively from the views and feedback of its readers. This unique rewarding system allows authors to receive more fair rewards, as well as praise for the good work, which gives the opportunity to see and understand the readers’ reaction and feedback.

Benefits for advertisers

The application PUBLIQ also offers some special experience to advertisers.  They are granted direct, intermediary free and frictionless access to place their ads into the new ecosystem, through being assisted by a proprietary algorithm which guarantees highly optimized placements.

Any channel may broadcast the content posted on PUBLIQ for free, and depending on the traffic they generate from the PUBLIQ content, they also get a chance to be rewarded. It is to mention that channels or any other parties are unable to censor the articles.  To facilitate content selection branding features (such as topics, dates, number of likes and other parameters) can be used.

“The cooperation between DECENT and PUBLIQ happened naturally. Myself and Matej Michalko started to discuss the idea of creating a blockchain based ecosystem for online publishing, including a layer of fair reputation and reward management. We decided at PUBLIQ to utilize the solid Peer to Peer data distribution protocol built by DECENT to incentivize seeders to participate in sustaining the ecosystem. We are both working on reshaping the media industry, so it really makes sense for us to collaborate!”  said Alexandre TABBAKH CEO, PUBLIQ Foundation.

“We are thrilled to see DECENT Network being adopted and used by innovative companies so quickly after our official launch. PUBLIQ is a perfect example of a well-designed project using our technology for the purpose in which it is intended, to bring content to the consumer without middleman controls or third party censorship.” said Matej Michalko, founder and CEO DECENT.

DECENT started its way in January 2016 when the prototype of the platform was presented. During the ICO, following in September, the company managed to raise 5,881 BTC.  Additional information about the new platform may be found in the first-person interview to the Coinspeaker.

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