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Meet YellowBetter: A New Method To Learn New Languages

April 4th, 2019 at 3:01 pm UTC · 3 min read

Meet YellowBetter: A New Method To Learn New Languages

YellowBetter is a community created by representatives of different countries. People who want to meet in the virtual world to learn languages, exchange experiences and, most of all, learn about new cultures. Thanks to its innovative platform, YellowBetter allows users to decide how, where, when and more importantly, what they want to learn.

With YellowBetter, you can either be a student or a teacher and learn a new language through a community that gets together, share experiences and make friends from around the world. Embark on an exciting adventure and enjoy all the advantages of a virtual journey through the places of your choosing, making your learning experience memorable and pleasant.

The need behind the creation of service like the one YellowBetter is looking to provide comes as a response to the effect of continuous globalization. Knowledge of languages is essential in every aspect of our lives, and becomes quite a useful tool to search for better job opportunities. Traditional methods of learning at schools are not always effective and they tend to leave behind a key aspect, the approximation to how people from the country actually speak the language on a daily basis, the cultural aspect of the language; which is why many people gets frustrated and quits. Learning thousand words won’t help if you’re not able to use them and learn the language in a practical manner. This is exactly where YellowBetter comes in handy, overcoming this issues and bringing you locals to help you through the journey of learning a new language.

The main goal of the YellowBetter platform is to bring together people from around the world who will be able to learn together. With this platform, users are not only learning a language but are also experiencing the way of living of locals, being able to take on virtual journeys, showcasing the country and its most beautiful locations.

YellowBetter offers practical learning, flexibility and access to the country you wish to know, teaching you exactly how they speak a language in that specific region. As a student, you choose the language you want to study and then choose a teacher who will help you through your learning experience. As a teacher, you define what language you want to teach and then you wait for your student. If you “come to an agreement”, you can begin your teachings. If you speak a language perfectly and at the same time you want to learn an additional one – you can also do both simultaneously. Use your knowledge and teach others your language and culture while also learning from somebody else around the world.

The implementation of the website, its development, all solutions as well as the promotion will be possible thanks to the funds obtained from the token sale, which begins on April 8th. Thanks to the appropriate technological coverage, experience and skills of the creators, the service will continue to develop, providing an added value to the existing tokens. The demand for tokens will not be limited to the service itself. Thanks to the payment processor, which will be implemented on other portals, they will also be able to be exchanged in many other places.

If you wish to learn more about YellowBetter and the services they offer, make sure to visit their website.



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