Memes 3.0 Revolution: Introducing NFT Platform

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Memes 3.0 Revolution: Introducing NFT Platform
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The uniqueness of Openmeme is that users do not need to be professional artists to benefit from meme monetization.

The advent of blockchain technology and digital currencies, in particular, has made it possible for humans to monetize their ingenuity. This creativity is expressed in many forms ranging from the design of a unique Decentralized Finance (DeFi) application to the debut of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections. From the short history of blockchain tech, the creation of novel platforms are recognized, rewarded and some often grow to become extremely rich through their creations.

However, the same cannot be said of ingenious meme creators who bring laughter to many on the internet, especially social media on a daily basis. Memes are funny arts, graphics, or unique representations of a picture or text that conveys a specific funny theme. As many users of social media must have seen a number of memes either as a gif, picture, or video, what many people are often unable to decipher is the owner or creator of such a creative piece of art.

Openmeme, a web 3.0 meme sharing platform and the world’s first meme nft marketplace is determined to change the narrative with respect to giving meme creators the recognition and reward they deserve. The platform provides an avenue whereby meme creators earn rewards and royalties from the memes they create.

Undoubtedly, memes are an underrepresentation of the next big nft revolution and it is notably around the corner. The biggest European meme communities partnered and created the Openmeme platform which will be launched with millions of users.

Openmeme in Action: Benefits for Users and Creators

Openmeme is a very functional platform that rewards creativity through the power of decentralization. Openmeme allows creators or its users to upload memes, mint NFTs and acquire the rights to their creations and the opportunity to sell or trade them. Per its design, the community votes for the best memes, and their authors are rewarded with OMC coins, the platform’s native token.

The uniqueness of Openmeme is that users do not need to be professional artists to benefit from meme monetization. Infact, the most ‘crazy’ meme designed by anyone might come off as the most appreciated by the Openmeme community. As a result of this flexibility, the Openmeme platform has lowered the barrier to entry for everyone to earn in the burgeoning NFT revolution.

Despite this provision, everyone must not necessarily be a meme creator, as everyone can contribute to the growth of the ecosystem by voting, buying, and trading memes in general. For artists, their creations can become pushed to the top of the pack if community members vote for them or more people engage with them. For achieving this feat creators can earn extra bonuses as high as US$100.

The Openmeme NFT Ecosystem Strength

Borne as the brainchild of Web2.0 meme creation experts cutting across platforms like and, the Openmeme platform is set up for success riding on its experienced developers. Beyond the developers, the Openmeme ecosystem is 500,000 members strong with a record number of 2000 memes being added per day. The platform’s unique activities generate as many as 2 billion page views annually.

With blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs still abstract to billions of people worldwide, the Openmeme platform projects to engraft more people into the ecosystem through the new value additions it is introducing with Memes.

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