Meta States that Its Metaverse Efforts Require Improved Cellular Networks

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Meta States that Its Metaverse Efforts Require Improved Cellular Networks
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Facebook parent Meta believes that for the metaverse function optimally, cellular networks have to improve the quality of their connections.

According to Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: FB), its metaverse ambitions would not be possible without better connectivity through cellular networks. The Facebook parent explained that today’s telecoms networks still had much to do to match the required standard.

Speaking during a media session at the Mobile World Congress tech event on Monday, March 2nd, Meta’s VP of connectivity, Dan Rabinovitsj, made this known. He stated that Meta is in the process of outlining the next innovative steps concerning provisions for cellular networks to facilitate the metaverse. According to the VP, “we’re working closely with our colleagues to think about what’s the next step in terms of innovation.”

Furthermore, Rabinovitsj also intimated that Meta was working closely with cellular partners to expedite the process. He said:

“If you really look at the pace of innovation in the telecom world, compared to other markets, it’s been harder to go faster in this space. One of the things that we’ve tried to change is that trajectory of innovation”.

Rabinovitsi used the “common language” denominator to describe how vital uniform enhancements are to cellular network performance.

Meta’s founder and chief executive officer, Mark Zuckerberg, also weighed in on the necessary improvement for cellular service. According to him, “creating a true sense of presence in virtual worlds delivered to smart glasses and VR headsets will require massive advances in connectivity.”

Zuckerberg suggested that the required improvement in cellular quality may most likely be unprecedented. He described it as being “bigger than any of the step changes we’ve seen before”. In addition, the Facebook founder implied that it might also be necessary to create entirely new types of networks. He said doing this would competently handle advanced and revolutionary metaverse paraphernalia such as wide-scale immersive video streaming.

More on Meta Requirement for Improved Cellular Networks

David Christopher, Executive Vice President at telecom giant AT&T (NYSE: T), suggested that cellular connectivity was already improving. According to him, networks were already providing services characterized by low latency, consistent speeds, and high capacity. Furthermore, in a media session, Christopher touched on the latest next-gen mobile network. He explained that the 5th generation mobile network, commonly called 5G, is receiving widespread usage and attention faster than 4G. In his own words:

“However, the metaverse develops, it will depend on innovation and interoperability across many sectors, with advanced connectivity from 5G as an essential element.”

Furthermore, Christopher also suggested that there is a huge investment of resources by telephone and online operators in the space to further boost service quality. The AT&T executive opines that as a result, there will be an improvement in numerous use cases across several industries. Christopher forecasts that this will happen within the next ten years, and cites several metaverse-like experiences as beneficiaries of the improved technology.

The metaverse is a futuristic concept that presents a virtual world where people can interact via AR and VR. The metaverse also extends to cover crypto, blockchain, and similar phenomena.

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