What Makes Metacade Different from Other Metaverse Projects like The Sandbox?

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What Makes Metacade Different from Other Metaverse Projects like The Sandbox?
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Metacade is a new metaverse project that focuses on being an open-world platform for creating and playing games.

With so many metaverse projects being crowdfunded these days, it’s important to know what makes one different from another. The Sandbox has been called one of the most ambitious metaverse projects, but it’s certainly not the only one.

There are dozens of virtual reality and metaverse-based projects, some of which have gained considerable traction. However, there are a lot more that have faltered – due to a lack of funding or interest among users. The big question is, what sets Metacade apart from The Sandbox and these other projects?

This article on Metacade will delve into all the aspects of what makes this platform so different from other projects, including The Sandbox, which is sitting at a valuation of more than $4 billion.

What Is The Sandbox?

When you think about metaverse games, the first title that comes to mind is The Sandbox. This simple game lets users view 3D virtual worlds on their PC screens. Users are free to explore these worlds in full and even create objects using their PCs’ built-in graphics engines.

The graphics aren’t photo-realistic, but they look cool, and the environments are quite detailed. At the time of writing, it’s had 40M downloads and over one million monthly active users. It seems that the idea of a metaverse arcade was popularised by The Sandbox, which opened the floodgates for all sorts of similar titles.

What Is Metacade?

Metacade is a new metaverse project that focuses on being an open-world platform for creating and playing games. It intends to become a revolutionary Web3 community hub where users from both gaming and crypto enthusiast groups can quickly come together to communicate, collaborate and enjoy themselves.

The new platform aims to create a single place where enthusiasts can access all the information, games, and opportunities they are interested in. In addition, the project is designed with the flexibility to allow everyone to earn money while playing their favorite games.

What Makes Metacade Different from Other Metaverse Projects like The Sandbox?

The Vision

The platform recognizes that its users are the key to maintaining expansion and sustainability. Accordingly, one of the goals of Metacade is to provide rewards to community members using various methods.

One way is token staking – in which holders are given back some of the revenue from processing transactions across the platform’s network. This offers the chance for even passive investors to also contribute to Metacade and its stability, as well as receive returns for their involvement.

As Metacade grows and its revenue streams widen – they intend to utilize its reserves, offering them back to game developers in the form of Metagrants. This source of funding, in itself community-voted, means that Metacade will be able to support the gaming industry as it transitions into the future.

In providing an engaging, dynamic virtual hangout for like-minded people to enjoy GameFi and Web3, as well as the novel idea to create the world’s first community-developed play-to-earn cryptocurrency arcade – Metacade is standing out from other projects out there.

Metacade as the Premium Metaverse Gaming Hub

When looking at the features of either The Sandbox or Metacade, it’s worth considering how future-proof they could be as the metaverse and nature of gaming evolves. Whether a platform has the ability to extend itself and incorporate new trends as industry changes take effect play a huge part in how sustainable and viable they turn out to be.

Adding game development into the mix only cements Metacade’s future, allowing it to keep up with new game developments by hosting them in the arcade. In enabling this type of trend-tracking to take place, other platforms have nothing to compare with – especially The Sandbox, which has locked itself into a single format which is extremely difficult to change.

By incorporating a diverse set of rewards for the community which maintains it, Metacade seems to understand what the future depends on. It is acting accordingly to ensure its community remains loyal and, more importantly, die-hard. Whereas a fan is nice to have – die-hard users promote to their peers on a completely different level, which will provide an exciting boost to the membership for Metacade, and its future.

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