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MetaOasis Will Launch the First PFP NFT with Permanent Unconditional Refund Support

September 21st, 2022 at 3:24 pm UTC · 5 min read

MetaOasis Will Launch the First PFP NFT with Permanent Unconditional Refund Support
Photo: MetaOasis

The NFT market has continued to be downward since the second half of this year, even the active OpenSea now has to face declining trading volumes. If now is NFT 1.0, MetaOasis, as the next-generation web3 game publishing platform, is looking for a way to break through.

We believe that each NFT should return to its creation and application scenarios, rather than the publishers and users focusing only on the gains and losses. Therefore, MetaOasis will publish the unprecedented NFT, which supports permanent unconditional refund  –  Player One (1P).

About Player One PFP

Every Player One worships the belief that Struggle for 1 Up. As MetaOasis Genesis NFT, which supports permanent unconditional refund, 1P Avatar is the pass to the whole MetaOasis and DID and will give you a new identity in our universe, protect your assets safety and create a bright future, no matter where or who you are.

MetaOasis Will Launch the First PFP NFT with Permanent Unconditional Refund Support

1P NFT is top-notch in its painting style, and holders can get the whitelist of Metaverse lands airdrop.

MetaOasis Will Launch the First PFP NFT with Permanent Unconditional Refund Support

Why Permanent and Unconditional Refund?

MetaOasis understands the anxiety that NFT holders feel at this stage because of the dramatic price shocks. So, with the vision that “together with thousands of Metaverse pioneers to look forwards to a better future for Web3, rather than focusing on gains and losses”, MetaOasis is committed to becoming the first project in the NFT market that does not aim at profit and ridicule through its new way of “Up From Floor”.

We prefer to gather more players with shared consensus to become pioneers in exploring MetaOasis via Player One (1P)  than losing users due to volatility in asset pricing.

Moreover, the reason why we promise the permanent and unconditional refund is because of our vision and confidence in the future ecosystem of the MetaOasis universe. We believe that what all 1P NFT holders will experience in MetaOasis in the future will be far more valuable than NFT itself.

Player One & MetaOasis Empowerment

  • Permanent and unconditional refund
  • Whitelist of Metaverse land airdrop
  • Other airdrops and rewards in Emergence( can be traded)
  • Use across the whole platform
  • More various platform application scenarios
  • More entertaining due to cross-game play
  • More collectible due to the exquisite graphic and roared-blooded painting style
  • Enjoying the special rights of all games on MetaOasis

At this point, I’m sure you’re not only excited about the permanent unconditional refund, but curious about MetaOasis and our release of Player One (1P).

About MetaOasis

MetaOasis is the next generation game publishing platform interlinking Web2 and Web3. Led by LD Capital, Huobi Ventures, UNIX, FBG, Ventures, Metaverse Alliance and other organizations to invest. Winner in Metaverse Hackathon Gamefi Track and the most votes in Avalanche Asian Hackathon.

MetaOasis Will Launch the First PFP NFT with Permanent Unconditional Refund Support

Fully considering the current situation of players and developers, MetaOasis introduces advanced Web3 features from the bottom layer to energize the game products in all aspects. It aims to create a barrier-free Web3.0 world for players and build a highly interconnected and prosperous ecosystem, a future gaming universe.

Based on MetaOasis’ advanced MNP30 technology and its prosperous ecology as a Web3 game publishing platform, 1P can break the barrier that NFT could not be shared among games before, and realize the barrier-free use across games, parameters and appearance, and gamers will also unlock richer scenarios and gameplay of NFT.

Player One & Emergence

The Metaverse project – Emergence developed by Epoison Studio under MetaOasis has been completed in development and will open for public beta.

MetaOasis welcomes all friends to enter the first Metaverse to unlock more and experience the unique digital world.

MetaOasis Will Launch the First PFP NFT with Permanent Unconditional Refund Support

We will provide Player One holders with the whitelists of 1,000 virtual lands in the Emergence. These lands will be NFTs in the future, and holders can mint, transfer and trade them.

MetaOasis Will Launch the First PFP NFT with Permanent Unconditional Refund Support

Tips: as the supply of Player One’s first sale is only 4500 and the lands in Emergence are not for public sale, the 1000 virtual lands are first-come and first-served.

As the development goes further, holders can mine all kinds of resources in Emergence to build their own houses, gardens and even the community. These resources and buildings will become personal assets in the form of NFT, and holders can sell or transfer.

How to Get Player One?

We believe that consensus is precious and scarce, therefore, the first batch of Player One is only limited for supply.

The total supply of 1P NFT: 10,000

Note: all holders who buy 1P NFT have a chance of getting Emergence lands as airdrop (1000 plots of lands in total, first come, first serve), and the mint will be available in November.

The free to mint project has been out of style to attract users, and the free to own projects have been accompanied by drastic price fluctuations despite their boom. MetaOasis will open a new era in the NFT industry via Player One (1P) with the belief of Up From Floor!

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Sale Date: October 19th, 2022

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