Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) – Which One Is the Best for You?

September 21st, 2022 at 12:39 pm UTC · 3 min read

Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) - Which One Is the Best for You?

The crypto market is full of all sorts of different coins, with a range of different solutions. There’s a token for almost anything now, so it can sometimes be difficult to decide which ones you should invest in. While many people look at the future price potential for a specific token, it’s also worth considering what the tokens actually do, and what they can be used for, alongside how much potential they’ve got in the space. So in this article we’re going to look at two of the biggest cryptos around, alongside one smaller token you might not have heard of. All of these could be credible investments right now, especially as experts predict we might move out of the bear market into a bull run soon. There’s potential with all three of these tokens for different reasons, and a strong portfolio might have investments for all of them. But if you’re wondering which of GLO, BTC and ETH are for you, here are your answers…

Uniglo (GLO)

If you want a strong deflationary token with a range of innovative features that has a community-driven approach, GLO might be for you. It also might be for you if you want the opportunity to invest in a token before it hits the mainstream exchanges, as Uniglo is still available at a discount during pre-sale. This gives you the opportunity to invest in a token before much of the wider crypto space has even heard of it, and before it drives up the price charts even further. And when the wider community starts to realize the absolute benefits GLO offers them, it could become one of the main players in the altcoin world.

GLO works by charging a small sales tax on transactions. This is then used to purchase assets for the GLO vault. The innovative GLO vault provides a strong base price that’s backed up by real assets which include things like NFTs, other cryptos, fine art and digitized versions of actual gold. It re-introduces the gold standard for crypto to provide a completely deflationary model with a currency that will never be minted or printed. Alongside GLO’s dual-burn mechanism, this makes it one of the most deflationary tokens around, at a time the global economy needs an answer to rampant inflation.

Bitcoin (BTC)

If you want the biggest, most well-known token around, BTC could be for you. It’s still got strong price potential and many think could fire back up to all-time highs and beyond real soon. If it does, you could triple your money based on current prices. There’ll always be a place for BTC in crypto, so it might be a good investment for you as a crypto newcomer.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is for you if you want a token that’s the heart of the blockchain development world. It’s the backbone for all sorts of developments, and also has strong growth potential thanks to the merge to ETH 2.0.


GLO, ETH and BTC all might be for you depending on your mindset. Perhaps the best one for you right now is GLO, as it has strong potential to grow. Check it out as soon as you can.

Find out more about Uniglo here: Website, Presale, Telegram, Discord, Twitter.

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