MetaSetGo Presale to Start from 29th October, 2022

October 26th, 2022 at 7:30 am UTC · 4 min read

MetaSetGo Presale to Start from 29th October, 2022
Photo: MetaSetGO

MetaSetGo team is pleased to inform that its presale is all set to begin from 29th October, 2022. MetaSetGo also launches a metaverse, where users can battle with their friends in exciting games, compete in ultimate tournaments and generate revenue, depending on their performance.

About MetaSetGO

MetaSetGO is a Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized token. The team is creating multiple utilities purposely to help users to generate passive income while interacting with and enjoying social interaction and games with their peers across the globe.

Holders of the $MSGO token are in for a big surprise. They’ll receive 5% $BUSD rewards as their benefits from all transactions conducted with the token. The rewards will be automatically distributed to their wallets to enable them to earn income from the project passively.

While highlighting it, “We will be launching our very own Launchpad with an insurance that will make you feel better about upcoming token launches. We will be building our own NFT Dapp and also a social Dapp that will also offer rewards.” These are designed to enable it to achieve its goal of creating a user-friendly and socially-acceptable ecosystem for users. There is also 1% kept for the buy back and burn, which will be strategic along with 3% rewards for the profit Re-distribution.


The MetaSetGO team created a fully automated player vs. player game where players can test their gaming skills in battles. Thorough the customizable game, they can participate in tournaments.

Players can wager according to their financial power and participate in any game or tournament where they can win a wide range of prizes.

That’s besides the monthly GrandPrix tournaments that offer more giveaways and larger prizes.

There’s also an opportunity for willing members to become top players and challenge for the Leaderboard where they can win weekly and monthly prizes in addition to the incentives for participating in tournaments.

The metaverse-based game will be fun. Players won’t battle alone. There are spectators to cheer them up and give life to the game. Random draws will be done to award winners with several prizes such as iPhones, PS5s, laptops, and other incentives for the supporters.

New members are invited to try a variety of new games for free. Ten PvP games will be available for users. They can play them via the MetaSetGO metaverse that will soon be made available for download on different platform for Apple and Android users.

Social App

MetaSetGO is the FIRST Share-To-Earn WEB3 Mobile Application that combines DeFi and NFTs into Crypto SocialVerse. The MetaSetGO application is divided into main groups of activities **Share-To-Earn: where the CREATOR users can share and get rewards through their contents: Videos, Lives and Stories. Each user will be able to earn $MSGO Token based on the number of views they have accumulated for each content they share on the app, so the more a video becomes viral, the greater the earnings. The tokens collected can be used to make purchases in the NFT Market or can be transferred to personal Wallet to be swapped (see the section on LevelUp).

The most creative and loved users of the community will be encouraged to give their best thanks to the LevelUp system. Growing Level will guarantee each user to significantly increase their earnings, in this way everyone will be encouraged to improve their content in order to become a real MetaSetGO STAR. Not only will that but users also have the ability to live stream their games in real time from Metaverse and Games to the social app to show off their skills.

Socials: Telegram, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram.


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