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Web3 Game Live Streaming Technology Service Provider MetaVoizz’s Whitepaper Officially Released

December 6th, 2022 at 11:44 am UTC · 3 min read

Web3 Game Live Streaming Technology Service Provider MetaVoizz’s Whitepaper Officially Released
Photo: MetaVoizz

Recently, the integrated technical service solution provider MetaVoizz published its White Paper in full, outlining its technical architecture, road map, and solutions for blockchain games. Users of WEB3.0 have access to a game platform for live-streaming interactions through MetaVoizz. By fostering the growth of the metaverse games industry with blockchain technology, we provide new opportunities and challenges for WEB3.0 game creators, KOL, NFT collectors, and game players.

Developing tailored solutions through technical innovation for metaverse games

With the advancement and widespread use of blockchain technology in recent years, the Web 3.0-based blockchain game businesses have experienced a meteoric rise. A lot of Web2.0 traditional game developers as well as independent developers were attempting to break into the blockchain game markets. As a more recent industry than the traditional gaming industries, blockchain games have stricter standards for game production, ecological compatibility, marketing distribution, and user community building, which causes many game producers to either hesitate or give up on creating blockchain games.

For the blockchain gaming industry’s high-threshold issues, MetaVoizz has created a methodical solution. facilitating the speedy realization of blockchain game development and operation from the game design, R&D, operation setup, publishing, and community building perspectives. In addition, MetaVoizz has also built a live game platform, allowing blockchain games to play live through industry KOL experience. This quickly promotes the blockchain game and builds a community of players, lowering the blockchain game industry and allowing more game developers to enter the Metaverse industry faster.

Promoting ecological development, creating a multi-dimensional meta-space interactive entertainment platform

Since its foundation, MetaVoizz has planned ecological building to better facilitate the growth of the blockchain gaming industry and produce live interactive game technology solutions more swiftly. Along with the game live platform, Metavoizz also offers embedded wallets, social platforms, NFT malls, blockchain game R & D, etc. A diverse meta-universe ecology will be built while also better serving chain game makers.

The first NFT blind box product, M&S, the first online game, CharmWar, and a series of ecological products have been outlined in the white paper’s road map. MetaVoizz will launch these products in the near future, iterate on them, and improve them in Q1 of the following year. Continually enhance the product’s functionality and the user’s enjoyment of the game.

As a worldwide technology service platform for live interactive metauniverse, MetaVoizz will abide by the development tenet “technology as the core, ecology as the aim,” and collaborate with industry KOLs to create a metauniverse game entertainment ecosystem.

At the moment, MetaVoizz is advancing as a new force in the metaverse sector. MetaVoizz will undoubtedly become a rising star in the metaverse market in the future.

About MetaVoizz: Website, Twitter, Telegram.

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