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Metropoly Market Update & Future Outlook: New Properties, Buybacks, and New Exchange Listings

June 15th, 2023 at 5:31 am UTC · 5 min read

Metropoly Market Update & Future Outlook: New Properties, Buybacks, and New Exchange Listings

Find out why the METRO price is expected to explode with new properties, buybacks, and new exchange listings for Metropoly.

The Metropoly ecosystem continues to thrive following its presale, in which it managed to raise well over $1.1 million. Since launching, METRO has experienced price stability of around $0.06, and the team has a solid game plan to bring the prices higher by continuing its ecosystem expansion.

With the pullback recently experienced in the crypto market, the current market experience was expected. Furthermore, selling pressure from some presale participants forced METRO to fall beneath its listing price of $0.1. Despite this, the METRO price has remained stable despite three vesting rounds because so many participants from the presale have confidence in the project’s long-term growth.

Nevertheless, the Metropoly team has a range of additions to address the slight market retracement with strategic buybacks, new properties on the Metropoly Marketplace Beta 3.0, and listings to new exchanges.

What is Metropoly, and Why Has it Been So Successful So Far?

Metropoly Market Update & Future Outlook: New Properties, Buybacks, and New Exchange Listings

Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace that is backed by real-world properties that provide all holders a passive income through the rental yield. The project is on a mission to democratize the entire real estate investment process by opening the doors to a wider range of people, regardless of their country of origin or credit history.

The release of the Metropoly Marketplace Beta 3.0 has provided potential real estate investors with the easiest way to invest in real estate without the need to go through a bank for a loan or fill out mountains of paperwork. Instead, investors can get started on their real estate journeys with as little as $100 and can own their first property in a matter of seconds.

The reason the initial starting capital is so low is that all of the properties on the Metropoly Marketplace are fractionalized. This means that they are broken into little pieces, which are then individually tokenized as NFTs, allowing investors to purchase as many NFTs as they please for $100 each.

Metropoly Market Update & Future Outlook: New Properties, Buybacks, and New Exchange Listings

Holding the NFTs provide all the same benefits received when investing in real estate traditionally. For example, NFT holders can take advantage of any capital appreciation on their real estate by listing it for sale on the marketplace.

However, the main reason why Metropoly is so successful so far is due to the fact that it can provide passive income for all NFT holders, generated through the most stable form of cash flow known to man – rental yield. All NFT holders are entitled to receive their share of the rental yield each month, distributed to their wallets in stablecoins. The income is entirely passive because the Metropoly team acts as the property manager and ensures the maintenance is handled and the tenants are paying rent. As a result, real estate investors just need to hold the NFT in their wallets to receive a passive income.

With the market finding solid support in recent days, let us take a look at what the Metropoly team has planned to expand its ecosystem.

Introducing 3 Properties in June 2023:

The Metropoly team recently released the 3.0 Beta version of its groundbreaking marketplace (Twitter post, May 30, 2023):


✨ We invite you to take a moment and share your valuable insights regarding the Metropoly Real Estate Marketplace Beta 3. Your feedback will play a vital role in driving our…

The response from the new version has been incredibly positive, as users are eagerly anticipating the addition of new properties. Fortunately, the Metropoly team is excited to showcase three new properties that will be added to the Marketplace in June. These three properties are located in Dubai and were carefully selected by the Metropoly Real Estate Experts.

The best part about the new addition is that the community will get to decide which properties will be added through a poll. This is because the team believes that Metropoly is owned by METRO holders, and they value their input based on the metrics provided by the experts. As a result, all of the properties will align with the Metropoly metrics, and the community will get to choose which properties to add before the team begins negotiating deals with the landlords.

New Exchange Listing and Buybacks After Presale Vesting Period

METROPOLY (@metropoly_io) Twitter post (May 30, 2023):


The Metro price has remained stable despite three Vesting rounds because many participants from the pre-sale have confidence in the project’s long-term vision 🔭

The current market situation was expected, coinciding with a slight…

In addition to the new property listings, the Metropoly team also intends to have METRO listed on more exchanges and conduct a buyback strategy.

Using the funds allocated from the presale, the team will conduct strategic buybacks once the vesting period has ended. The team has stated that their goal is to push the price back in the range between $0.5 and $0.8 with the allocated funds for the buyback.

Furthermore, METRO will also be added to more exchanges to achieve their price target. They already have one major CEX lined up and expect to have the token listing by the end of Q3 to stabilize the price. However, to push it even higher, the team is aiming to launch METRO on two or three more exchanges to reach $1 by the end of the year.

Overall, the Metropoly ecosystem is chugging along nicely following its successful presale and explosive launch. With the new real estate properties being listed in the Metropoly marketplace, combined with the planned strategic buybacks and exchange listings, the METRO token is expected to experience significant growth in the weeks ahead.

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