Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Updates to Bing and Edge Browser

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Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Updates to Bing and Edge Browser
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Microsoft came up with a new approach to search to give answers to the “everything else” category of web searches.

In a recent press event, tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced that its Bing search engine is receiving a major update powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to its Bing search engine, Microsoft also mentioned a new AI-powered update to its Edge browser.

Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Bing and Edge Browser

The update to Bing will allow users to have conversations with the search engine, which provides more detailed information for inquiries. In a video, Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella spoke about improving how billions of people can benefit from the internet. He also talked about the evolution of technology and how there is more to explore toward advancement. Nadella said Microsoft is always looking forward to unveiling new features and innovations in its search engine.

The Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi also took to the stage to discuss the new AI-infused search engine.

“We think of it humbly as the next generation of search and browsing, infused with AI and assembled as an integrated experience, we’re going to re-imagine the search engine, the web browser, and new chat experiences into something we think of as your co-pilot for the web.”

The Microsoft executive explained that the Bing and Edge web browser are at the center of the co-pilot experience, which is in four phases. With the new AI support, users will enjoy better search results and get detailed answers to their questions. At the same time, the latest version of Bing and Edge let users chat and generate creative content.

Microsoft came up with a new approach to search to give answers to the “everything else” category of web searches. These are more detailed searches like planning a trip, which the search engine has been falling short of. The company shared its partnership with AI as one of the technical breakthroughs the team achieved to bring the new Bing to life. Microsoft’s new and improved search engine runs on OpenAI’s GPT technologies, customized specifically for search. Also, the team developed a proprietary way that allows the company to utilize OpenAI to the best capacity. Tagged the “Prometheus Model,” the new method helps with providing improved relevant results, annotating answers, and up-to-date information. It will also help Microsoft understand geolocation and increase safety.

Microsoft’s Updates

According to Microsoft, the launch of the new Bing service and Edge browser, backed by AI,  for desktops was scheduled for Tuesday, February 7. Upon its launch, the updates will only be available to solve limited queries at its early stage. The technology company said there would be a waitlist for the full version before it becomes available to millions in the coming weeks. In response to a question, Microsoft revealed its plans to integrate the AI-powered chair features into all browsers over time. However, the company will first begin with Edge.

At press time, Microsoft stock is up 0.87% to $269.88.

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