Minecraft Bans NFT Integration on Game Servers

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Minecraft Bans NFT Integration on Game Servers
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Minecraft plans to block the use of its in-game assets such as skin packs, mods, and personal items to create digital collectables.

Microsoft-owned video game, Minecraft, has announced an update to its usage guidelines, banning NFT integration on its servers.

Minecraft noted the platform is modelled to ensure an inclusive experience for all players. To ensure continuity, Minecraft plans to prevent the integration of blockchain technologies with its servers. Minecraft expressed concern about the reliability of third-party NFTs and the risk of artificially inflated prices.

Recently, several companies began incorporating blockchain technology with Minecraft creating Minecraft collectable NFTs, allowing a play-to-earn mode and Minecraft NFT rewards.

Minecraft plans to block the use of its in-game assets such as skin packs, mods, and personal items to create digital collectables. “We recognize that creation inside our game has intrinsic value, and we strive to provide a marketplace where those values can be recognized.”

Trail of Reactions after Ban

Following the announcement, there have been different reactions from different quarters. Commenting on the news, Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz noted it was a reminder of the unreliability of building on Web2 networks. “They change the rules on developers on a whim,” he concluded.

On his part, NFT Worlds co-founder, ArkDev, said the team was working to adapt to the development. “We are working to figure out to what extent this will [affect] us.” He also noted the team was building potential pivots to deal with the absolute worst case, so they keep going,” he wrote.

NFT Worlds is the most affected by the announcement since its services focus on third-party blockchain and NFT Minecraft integrations. The project’s native token, WRLD, nosedived by 65% after the announcement. The prices of the project’s NFTs also took a beating, crashing by as much as 70%.

Ban on NFT Integration War against Blockchain Games

Minecraft becomes the latest traditional gaming platform to stand in the way of NFTs. Gaming firm, Valve, previously banned blockchain and NFT integration from its assets marketplace, Steam. Likewise, Epic Games also announced it would stay away from NFT integrations with its titles.

Meanwhile, some think the ban will spur the adoption of NFTs even more. Whatever the case, Minecraft plans to further update its guidelines and communicate with its community.

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