MintPal’s 3700 Stolen Bitcoin in Hands of Exchange CEO Alex Green

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MintPal’s 3700 Stolen Bitcoin in Hands of Exchange CEO Alex Green
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Moopay CEO, Alex Green, was accused of holding 3700 stolen BTC following the bankruptcy of MintPal.

Moopay CEO Alex Green was accused of being bitcoin scammer Ryan Kennedy that was confirmed by different sources.

Before the allegations, Green announced Moopay will file for bankruptcy and stop its operations. Then he closed MintPay, saying Moopay has no control over the firm, what is different from what he wrote on the company’s official blog.

Although MintPal informed users that they could withdraw their funds for some time, the customers complained they could not receive their money. The company possibly lied to the consumers to keep the stolen money.

The accused scammer Alex Green may hold 3700 stolen bitcoins in his personal wallet. After Green announced he is Ryan Kennedy, all coins were moved from the wallet.

The accusations became even more evident after former Moopay employee Eoghan Hayes said: “What happened to MintPal is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped on a City, and a two-man hazard crew consisting of Mike and Ferdous are now in charge of the cleanup – and attempting to follow the trail of a 3700BTC transaction from MintPal, which is now accused of being lodged into a personal account of Ryan Kennedy.”

He also added: “I immediately got in touch with Mike, and Ferdous; the main shareholders in MintPal. They were as shellshocked by all of this information as I was. They then revealed to me something far more dangerous; Ryan is currently in complete control of the MintPal system, inclusive of the cold storage wallets. Coupled with this, over 1000 BTC in altcoins were not transferred in the “server migration”; and would have been lost forever if MintPal’s previous owners (Jay and Jason) did not reach out to the server host.”

Moopay chief operating officer Landon Merrill has recently confessed: “Here is what I can tell you. I knew that Alex Green went by the name Ryan in real life, to some people. I did not know that was his real name, middle name, what it was, or what it meant.”

It is unknown where Green is now. Some consider he is in Japan, whilst others report he is in the UK.

MintPal was recently delisted from CoinGecko website. Bobby Ong, the firm’s co-founder, told: “Yesterday they started saying that they did not actually acquire MintPal, but were only responsible for managing it. Either way this is a serious breach of trust of the public.”

Reportedly, a number of people received back their altcoins. Still, there are few confirmations about bitcoin withdrawals.

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