Web3.0 Publishing Platform Mirror Launches New Feature to Empower NFT Creators

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by Benjamin Godfrey · 3 min read
Web3.0 Publishing Platform Mirror Launches New Feature to Empower NFT Creators
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Mirror, a platform designed as a mainstream publishing outfit for Web3.0 innovators has launched its latest product dubbed “Subscribe to Mint.”

As announced by the firm, the new feature is designed to help expand Mirror’s hallmark web3-native publishing features like Web3 Subscriptions and Writing NFTs to make it an even more powerful tool for creators and their projects.

Subscribing to Mint will enable creators to gather to harness existing tools on Mirror, affording them the luxury to compose with Writing NFTs. The idea behind the Mirror protocol is to enable and sustain a highly functional Web3.0 ecosystem and there are instances where its past and latest innovations have helped legacy firms to achieve success.

“Subscribe to Mint composes with Writing NFTs – a project’s posts on Mirror can be collected by the audience it bootstraps on Mirror via a genesis NFT campaign. UFO, a web3 podcast, has been a pioneer on this front – each of their posts has sold out and raised an average of 0.5 ETH after a Genesis Pass drop that netted almost 8,000 subscribers,” the announcement reads.

There are two major identified use cases for the Subscribe to Mint product. First, Mirror said creators can use the tool to sustain the initial spark from collectors when a new NFT project launches.

“It also serves as a powerful catalyst to rally around a project’s genesis, form community, and promote the announcement. With Subscribe to Mint, that initial spark of interest can be fanned into a durable flame of engagement with a project’s audience through newsletter updates and subsequent drops,” it said.

The product can also be used to power successive drops dubbed a collectible series. The tool can help to register loyalty for subsequent mints and distributions.

Mirror and the Web3.0 Evolution

At the moment, the Web3.0 ecosystem is still evolving, though, at a very sporadic rate. Mirror believes in the unifying power of the community through engaging products and services that can help sustain interest across the board.

With its offering, it is bound to help usher in a closely knitted digital collectible and general Web3.0 experiences for both creators and community members as a whole.

The latest tool – Subscribe to Mint –  has been used, during trials by a number of heavyweights including Optimism which gathered 334k subscribers with a collectible celebrating their accomplishments last year. Additionally, Layer-2 protocol Base launched by the publicly traded exchange, Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) also used Subscribe to Mint to gather 222k subscribers commemorating the historic collaboration between Base and Optimism with a drop

By setting the pace, Mirror’s unique innovation, with proven results, is pivotal to the growth of the industry, and is notably setting the pace for other innovators to trail.

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