Mushe (XMU), ApeCoin (APE), and Sandbox (SAND) are Big NFT and Metaverse Projects to Follow

May 30th, 2022 at 10:32 am UTC · 4 min read

The cryptocurrency industry has seen exciting innovations such as NFTs and the now popularized metaverse concept. The metaverse has been around for a long time but it received a huge boost when Facebook rebranded to Meta, signalling an intent to make the metaverse a big part of its future service offerings.

Non-fungible tokens, usually shortened to NFTs, are the connection to the metaverse. The future of the metaverse is being written by projects that prioritize NFTs and other emerging technologies. Will Mushe (XMU), ApeCoin (APE), and Sandbox (SAND) become the top metaverse and NFT projects in the future?

ApeCoin (APE) – Powering the BAYC Community

ApeCoin (APE) is a governance and utility token of the APE ecosystem. Built on Ethereum, ApeCoin empowers and incentivizes Web3 development and community building. ApeCoin holders govern themselves through a decentralized autonomous organization called ApeCoin DAO. APE token holders vote on how the project should be led.

ApeCoin is inspired by the successful Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project created by Yuga Labs. Bored Ape is one of the most successful marketing stories in crypto as the NFT collection has been bought by celebrities that include Madonna, Kevin Hart, Tom Brady, Justin Bieber, and more.

Buoyed by the NFT collection’s success, the launch of ApeCoin was a no-brainer as it quickly became a hit within the crypto space.

Sandbox (SAND) – More Power to Players

The Sandbox (SAND) is a blockchain-based virtual world where users can buy, create, sell, and exchange assets in the form of a game. Sandbox combines the power of NFTs and DAOs to build a community of gamers.

Sandbox wants to introduce the play-to-earn model to mainstream gaming. Sandbox introduces the SAND utility token to transact on the platform. As the project focuses on user-generated content, Sandbox creates a metaverse where the players and users take an active role in the development of the game.

Thanks to the SAND utility token, the project encourages decentralized governance. This helps the community to decide on the project’s future and is done thanks to technologies such as DAOs.

Mushe Token (XMU) – a Smart Metaverse

At first glance, Mushe seems like a cryptocurrency project focusing on peer-to-peer transactions. This is true, but beyond that, the Mushe Token (XMU) has a headstart in the NFT and metaverse markets.

Mushe (XMU), ApeCoin (APE), and Sandbox (SAND) are Big NFT and Metaverse Projects to Follow

Mushe’s XMU token holders can buy non-fungible tokens that represent fractional ownership of the services and products offered by Mushe. Mushe will create more NFTs to aid in platform development. Mushe wallet will be used to hold all kinds of NFTs generated on the platform.

Users can get XMU tokens in the presale or buy them when they are listed on exchanges in the future.

Mushe (XMU), ApeCoin (APE), and Sandbox (SAND) are Big NFT and Metaverse Projects to Follow

Mushe will also create a metaverse where users can socialize and create income-generating content. Ordinary users will be able to take advantage of the rising virtual land and property market.

Mushe is planning to develop blockchain-based games utilizing the play-to-earn model. Gamers will be incentivized for playing the game. XMU token holders hold the power in deciding the kind of games they want.

How Top NFT and Metaverse Projects Benefit Each Other

The cryptocurrency market is still very young and has room for multiple players. Metaverse and NFT projects do not need to compete against each other to thrive, but rather, work together to achieve their goals.

ApeCoin (APE) is an example of how a well-known brand can easily transition from having a successful NFT collection to launching a cryptocurrency with high liquidity. Mushe will launch NFTs that will be well-received by the market. It is through the various NFT collection that Mushe will make its way into the metaverse.

Sandbox is capitalizing on the booming virtual land market. Mushe sees this as an opportunity to build a metaverse where users can buy and sell properties as NFTs. And this is a major reason why Mushe will mint its facilities as NFTs. Mushe has a clear path to becoming one of the top NFT and metaverse projects in 2022.

Learn more about Mushe: Website, Presale, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram.