NAGA Announces Details of its Pre-Registration Event for the NAGA Debit Card

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NAGA Announces Details of its Pre-Registration Event for the NAGA Debit Card
NAGA Founder Yasin Sebastian Qureshi on the left. Photo: Naga / Twitter

NAGA has revealed the details of the pre-registration of its NAGA debit card, a revolutionary new crypto-fiat debit card.

A crypto-fiat debit card with worldwide functionality is still missing from the equation, even when we are going into the tenth year of dealing in cryptocurrencies. Adequate levels of liquidity and direct purchasing have always been a huge problem for cryptocurrencies, as many stores still don’t accept cryptocurrency as payment.

With a hybrid debit card with full fiat-crypto conversion and functionality, we can hope to achieve significant market penetration for streamlining the crypto market with the fiat market. NAGA, a financial ecosystem currently based on fiat, has announced the pre-registration of its NAGA debit card, a revolutionary new crypto-fiat debit card that aims to disrupt the industry.

NAGA debit card holders will be able to use the debit card all over the world, wherever the famous Mastercard payment works. Gone are the days when there was only one single source of funding. The great plus point of the new NAGA debit card is that one can also fund it with cryptocurrencies, including its native cryptocurrency the NAGA coin.

NAGA is working right now on the new card’s full integration into all of the existing NAGA ecosystem, including NAGA TRADER, formerly known as SwipeStox, which is a stock market trading platform. The users of this platform will be able to directly transfer their stock exchange profits into the NAGA debit card and thus be able to directly make purchasing from anywhere around the world.

Switex, the brand’s online gaming centre, will also be integrated with the NAGA debit card, so that the gamers will now be empowered to transfer their in-game profits directly into the card and, thus, spend it offline and online anywhere they want.

The initial event is seeing a total of 10,000 debit cards being launched in the market. More than 7,000 have already been claimed by backers. Initial backers will also be eligible for certain benefits that later participants will not have access to. The pre-registration comes after a successful token sale in 2017 and the startup is looking towards 2018 as the year of expansion and progress.

NAGA’s revolutionary capacity to have its debit card funded by all major cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoin or Ethereum makes it a game-changer. The native coin NGC and its holders will be eligible for reduced commissions and other benefits from the platform including faster transaction times.

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