New Ethereum and Universa-Based Cryptocollection Game UnicornGo Is Almost Here

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New Ethereum and Universa-Based Cryptocollection Game UnicornGo Is Almost Here
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Growing interest to gaming reality and development of blockchain technology pushed the creation of their synergy. Meet a blockchain-based game UnicornGo.

Though the majority of individuals still consider Blockchain technology to be applicable only in the finance space, there exists a variety of functions that helps to promote its use among a much wider audience in different spheres.

One of these tools is UnicornGo which is able to contribute to promotion of blockchain technology through gamification. Experience has shown that games have a very strong potential to conquer individuals’ hearts and minds. There are enough examples that can prove this point, among them are Farmville, Words with Friends, Angry Birds, and many-many others.

UnicornGo also has all chances to join the list of the most successful gaming projects, offering its users to enjoy uniquely designed universe inhabited by unicorns. UnicornGo represents itself the first decentralized game with limited in-game resources. Players have an opportunity become owners of the unicorns, take care of them and make money on game manipulations.

Limited issue of the specially designed in-game currency CandyCoin guarantees limited resources and enables users to earn playing the game. Players are able to buy and sell unicorns on a secure marketplace, look after them, breed and get new ones. Individuals can also present their unicorns to other users.

Moreover, it is possible to buy, sell and exchange some special items and other accessories for the unicorns, making them personalized. Among these items are clothes, plots of land, houses and even special assets –  magic trees that give ‘candies’ needed for unicorns recovering.

Nevertheless, UnicornGo is not a simple online game. It represents an entirely independent world with realistic genetics, geolocation, augmented reality, combat system and a dedicated in-game economy as well as. UnicornGo has its own CandyCoin currency that is based on ERC-20 token.  1 Candy Coin can be purchased at a price of 0.001 ETH. All in all, 12 million coins will be issued. Due to a smart contract system, in-game transactions will be facilitated and involvement of any third parties won’t be needed.

The first release of the game will be based on Ethereum and later transferred to a Universa that is said to be faster, cheaper, and safer than other blockchain platforms. Integration of the Universa platform with other projects will open new opportunities for players. For example, the augmented reality technology IZETEX will allow users to place unicorns at any geolocation in order to collect CandyCoins.

The game release is planned for the middle of March 2018. Unlike the majority of other projects, UnicornGo team has decided not to launch an initial coin offering. However, they haven’t abandoned to conduct a bonus token presale ending on February 27, 2018.

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