NAGA Group Deploys a Robotized System to Help Traders

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NAGA Group Deploys a Robotized System to Help Traders
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German FinTech company NAGA Group AG is working on a sophisticated robo-advisor called ‘CYBO’ that provides traders with crowd data indexing and market stats.

The NAGA Group AG is a German fintech company that amongst other financial tools provides online assets and virtual goods trading platforms. They sold 50% of their token presale cap in just 48 minutes, and the coin is predicted to quadruple in its value much like the shares of the company that are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. NAGA offers a revolutionary solution that id believed to minimize risk and maximize income.

This world-renowned company offers two platforms: SwipeStox and Switex, both of which provide a set of tools for various asset trading (ETFs, cryptocurrency, precious metals, etc.). NAGA platforms are positioned as revolutionary solutions that provide the means of an utterly transparent online trading activity.

Founded back in 2015, SwipeStox, also known as The Social Network for Traders, is, essentially, a great trading marketplace with its own unit of account – the NAGA Coin (NGC). The NGC is a decentralized cryptocurrency for financial markets, virtual goods, and other forms of trading.

To date, the marketplace features an audience consisting of thousands of active users. Within the SwipeStox platform, tens of thousands of transactions (comprising tens of millions in various currencies) are conducted monthly.

The Switex platform is currently under development becoming publicly available in the beginning of 2018. Switex provides traditional financial assets trading means along with the means for selling of various virtual goods and cryptospaces. All in all, Switex aims to become potentially profitable income source for those, who create or just play computer games.

Any project or company is in most cases as good as the team that is running it, NAGA was successful in getting a few significant advisors into their team. They include Roger Ver (founder and CEO of; he is also a pioneer of using bitcoin as a form of payment), Mate Tokay (COO at; he constantly monitors the situation of the world cryptocurrency market), and Miko Matsumura (Limited Partner Pantera Capital; he advises many well-known cryptocurrency startups like WiFiCoin, Guardian Circle, Celsius, etc.).

Currently the NAGA ecosystem includes a set of tools for interaction between the Switex and SwipeStox users (particularly, chats, themed forums, etc.). However, that appeared to be not quite enough for the developers’ team.

In 2016, the NAGA company made a decision to implement a new type of software called CYBO. Operating in the framework of the SwipeStox social network, CYBO provides traders with insight that results in over 16% of yearly income growth for traders that are using it.

How Does CYBO Work?

CYBO is a software add-on that operates on the SwipeStox platform based on the artificial intelligence concept. It implements processes of all-around analysis of traders’ activity. Essentially, the solution represents a virtual consultant that helps manage investments, optimizes decision-making and increases chance of a positive outcome.

Before, the traders wishing to be successful in commerce, occasionally, employed the services of financial experts. As practice indicated, such means were not always helpful because of the human factor.

Additionally, players trading relatively small quantities of assets were unable to employ the expert services because of their expensiveness. CYBO addresses the problem of high prices and eliminates human factor.

CYBO tracks the performance of each trader, his/her preferences and defines the most predominant type of investments. Additionally, CYBO collects and systematizes statistical data received from all SwipeStox users. In such manner, the AI helps minimize the chances of detrimental trading deals by providing users with the collected analytics.

That, in turn, helps traders to distance themselves from nerve wracking situations and focus on real statistics to be able to conscientiously make decisions about buying & selling personal assets. The robot is also expected to save time, by monitoring global economic activity, picking the most significant news for further analysis.

In order to employ the services of the CYBO, one needs a smartphone, tablet, or PC. As a result, one can get CYBO’s personal assistant, which is designed to:

  • analyze trading activity of separate players;
  • track various financial indicators, such as volatility, and economic state of the market, currency rates, trtends etc. to present most profitable trading deals based on the gathered data;
  • increase objectiveness of trading & decrease the chances of impulsive deals.

All in all, the platforms’ and software tools created by NAGA are ambitiously designed to revolutionize the fields of virtual deals, assets & cryptocurrency trading, by implementing a decentralized approach to transaction processes, which excludes expenditures caused by bank’s interests for services.

The CYBO, in its turn, is a solution that is believed to make the trading process more convenient, profitable, and thorough. NAGA token sale is ending soon, so everyone, who wants to have a chance to grab some NGC tokens at a bargain price – go ahead.

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