Users of NBA Top Shot Can Now Buy NFTs through Apple or Android Apps

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Users of NBA Top Shot Can Now Buy NFTs through Apple or Android Apps
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Dapper Labs seems to adopt a mobile-first approach in the Web3 space by pushing apps for NFTs purchases. They are in talks with Apple and Google to find a path forward related to the hefty taxes on the platforms.

The officially licensed basketball NFT platform NBA Top Shot has tasted major success with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) generating more than $1 billion in sales to date. As a result, it is looking to expand the reach of its NFT platform to users worldwide.

NBA Top shot will now be available on smartphone platforms like Apple iOS and Android. These native platform apps will provide a convenient and smoother way to access and buy digital collectibles on the go. This is also the first step for Dapper Labs – the creator of NBA Top Shot – to venture into a mobile-first Web3 company.

Speaking to the Decrypt publication, Dapper Labs Senior VP of Sports Partnerships Jennifer van Dijk told:

“The NBA Top Shot app will really be the start of our move to be a mobile-first company”. She further added that the move will let Dapper “lead the way in what mobile looks like in Web3, and continue our path of wanting to bring everybody to Web3.”

Dapper Labs seeks to test the waters by launching a limited version of the app initially. Thus, users will be able to view their own collection of NBA Top Shot NFTs. They will also be able to see platform activity, receive notifications of drops, as well as purchase the starter pack of NFT moments. Dapper Labs also said that they plan to add more features in the future.

Web3 Going Mobile

Over the last two years, Web3 startups and NFT marketplaces have been seeing huge traction. However, some of the popular Web3 applications have been a bit hesitant to go mobile due to Apple and Google expecting a large cut from the sale.

The hefty 30% Apple tax makes the primary sale of NFTs more expensive for mobile users. It’s a major hurdle that Web3 startups have been wrestling with over the last few months.

Van Dijk said that Dapper Labs has kept this in mind while expanding the Top Shot app to the mobile platform. She added that along with sports league partners, they are also working with Apple and Google to work on the best path forward. Thus, the purchase of the NBA Top Shot starter pack through mobile apps will include any fees into consideration. Van Dijk noted:

“When we present a price, that will include everything that would be taken out or managed by us on the back end, and the consumer will have that price. We’re committed also to keeping prices reasonable for fans and making them accessible.”

She also pointed at the 100,000 Top Shot starter packs designed around LeBron James’. These starter packs sold over the Web interface at the cost of 49 apiece. “We’re going to continue in that trend, as well, on the starter packs,” van Dijk added. “Maybe not $9, exactly, but reasonable and affordable.”

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