Need to Build Immediately in Space? Read About Fincrip Protocol Now!

September 8th, 2022 at 1:51 pm UTC · 3 min read

Need to Build Immediately in Space? Read About Fincrip Protocol Now!

Space travel is fascinating. The idea of leaving earth to explore the beauty of our universe elicits wonder from people of all classes and ages. Unfortunately, few can afford $55 million to tour space for a week. So, with an altcoin like Fincrip Protocol (FCP), you can now travel to space, build space equipment, and discover more of the universe.

What Is Fincrip Protocol (FCP)?

It is a new altcoin that seeks to make space travel easier for everyone through virtual space exploration. So, while you do not get to go to space, you can create a space-themed universe and navigate numerous virtual worlds from your virtual spaceships. Fincrip Protocol (FCP) is built on the Polygon network, which helps transactions move faster and cost less.

Developers, particularly those who build on Ethereum (ETH), will find this new cryptocurrency interesting as they can build and scale their dApps on Fincrip Protocol (FCP) efficiently. Any project looking to integrate some space elements can probably use this altcoin.

How to Make Money with Fincrip Protocol (FCP)

A fantastic project usually has little consumer appeal if users cannot understand how they can directly benefit from it. Well, with Fincrip Protocol (FCP), there are a variety of ways you can earn:

  1. Spaceships: Build a virtual spaceship, rent it out to those who need it, and get paid for your skill. We might see a high demand for spaceships in the future due to the appeal of space travel and the popularisation of the Metaverse. Additionally, you can customize your spaceship to mine $FCP.
  2. Mint NFTs: NFT mining might be profitable, especially when the good projects are minted in the right environment. Fincrip Protocol (FCP) users can mint and sell tokens on the protocol without necessarily going to a secondary market.
  3. Trading; NFTs are not the only thing you can sell on Fincrip Protocol (FCP). Collect different items like holograms and spaceship parts, sell them on the Fincrip Protocol (FCP)marketplace, and make money.
  4. Staking: Like with most cryptocurrencies, you can stake your $FCP and earn more $FCP after a fixed time. Staking for a long time means you have more $FCP coins to spend in the Fincrip Protocol (FCP) ecosystem.

Did we mention that when you join the Fincrip Protocol (FCP) community, you will meet people excited about space travel like you? Having a community where you can always talk about space travel is almost priceless. The more $FCP tokens you own, the more say you have in the workings of the protocol because it operates a community governance system.

Need to Build Immediately in Space? Read About Fincrip Protocol Now!

If you are thinking of missing this presale, we advise you not. Fincrip Protocol (FCP) is a new cryptocurrency with massive growth potential. And if you buy during the presale, you might have a better chance of acquiring more $FCP at a lower price. Enter the presale and cop a handful of Fincrip Protocol (FCP) tokens today. This coin might literally go to the moon: you do not want to be still on earth when it does!

Fincrip Protocol (FCP): Website, Telegram.

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