NEO-Based Hotel Booking Platform is on its Way to Alpha

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NEO-Based Hotel Booking Platform is on its Way to Alpha
Photo: Concierge / Twitter, a Blockchain-based travel booking platform which hopes to utilize the power of a NEO system in order to alleviate costs for both holidaymakers and hotels, is well on its way to release its Alpha version after company’s pre-sale concluded. plans to hit its March 22nd, 2018 deadline and release the Alpha version of the platform over a week prior to the main sale beginning. is a platform that hopes to eradicate middlemen in the hotel and holiday booking ecosystem. The aim is to thus cut down on vendor commission fees as well as build a much more direct path between holiday makers and hoteliers.

There is a battle brewing with aggressive booking websites who are pushing their incentives and grabbing their commission which means less money for the hotels, and more expensive accommodation for the holiday makers.

It has been reported that commission rates for big players such as and Late Rooms range between 15 and 25 percent. And according to, these fees are being passed on to customers “more often than not” and eliminating them altogether would bring the cost of a hotel stay down considerably.

How It Could Work

Blockchain applications are often viewed as complicated and difficult to use for those who do not currently occupy the space, and with the holiday making market a diverse and growing one, there is a need for simplification. makes their solution much more accessible by accepting traditional payment methods, as well as cryptocurrencies, for use on its platform.

And, in order to not simply act as another middleman, claim in their whitepaper that non-crypto users will “still see considerable benefits in comparison to using already established platforms.”

The Blockchain system also introduces a host of other benefits beyond simply paying for the accommodation with cryptocurrencies, or fiat still on the Blockchain. It has benefits over booking disputes, and untruthful reviews.

Making the Next Step

While the idea seems to be a promising one, and one that could help boost an important tourist ecosystem, are at least showing forward projection.

Their Alpha, being rolled out on March 22, before the main sale which begins on March 31, is a full working model. Meaning that bookings can be made with their token (CGE) when that sale begins.

They have already managed to complete one aspect of their roadmap – Sprint 1. Sprint 1 included in its itinerary completing the Booking flow which goes from property listing to booking forms to payment flow and the release of the payments with smart contract.

It has also seen their homepage and authentication build to completion as well as honing their smart contracts further.

On to Sprint 2

As part of their ongoing development into a section called Sprint 2, they are currently working further on authentication – letting users log in via Google and Facebook. They are also focusing on user profiles, search results, management of properties and finally, the static pages.

There is proof of progress, and with the Alph still in sight, Concierge’s challenge of booking intermediaries could well become a reality.

There is a need for this ecosystem to be rejigged, and for customers to get back in touch with their venues without paying extra just to get there.

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