New Blockchain Game Coopet Offers Players to Earn Money Instead of Spending It

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New Blockchain Game Coopet Offers Players to Earn Money Instead of Spending It
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Coopet, a new blockchain game developed by Cootech, takes a step forward to blockchain gaming by allowing players to earn money while playing.

The global game market is huge, with recent capitalization surpassing $100 billion. Gaming has recently successfully begun to leverage blockchain technology. Blockchain is considered a critical element for the future of information technology, the key for digital transformation and future IT platforms, due to its unique features.

Gaming is considered to be one of the leading areas in the implementation of blockchain technology. Realizing the potential of this market, Cootech has developed its new blockchain game Coopet, which allows players to earn real money.

Based in Singapore, Cootech represents itself a company in the blockchain and online gaming industry, bringing two of the biggest areas in technology and their communities together. The company sees its mission in creating exciting titles with the help of blockchain technology, honouring and rewarding any players who participate.

Coopet is a virtual dragon-raising game developed on blockchain technology. The main idea is for players to breed and exchange their own pet dragons. Players own their own virtual property in the game, which is a great step that changes the way online games are played.

Coopet combines three prominent outstanding features that will help players to earn money. The first feature is the Solo Arena, which is set to be launched on September 20th, 2018. It will allow players to perform daily missions and get bonuses.

The second feature, the Concentration Arena is set to be released on October 10th, 2018. The winner of the Concentration Area will be honoured and rewarded by day, by week and by month. These rewards will be either dragon eggs or real money.

And the last feature is Reproduction. There are various rarities of dragons incorporated in the game. The higher the rarity, the higher the price. Male dragons have a mating function, whilst female dragons are able to reproduce and hatch eggs. These eggs can be sold or nurtured into baby dragons.

Coopet uses Ethereum’s smart contracts to create a complete ecosystem capable of reproducing thousands of dragons per minute. Each Coopet will be represented by a set of tokens created by Cootech, which cannot be copied, destroyed or modified.

Coopet has many great features that make it a trusted and secure game ecosystem. For example, all assets are controlled by players, all trades on blockchain are transparent, and overall, there are no interruptions throughout the game play.

The token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, and has a circulation of 120 million. The price of the COO will increase $ 0.025 every 48 hours. Upon completion of these sales, any excess COO tokens will be burned to prevent any future use.

The token will serve as a global value transfer unit, which affects the liquidity required in the gaming market. COO token owners can use them in Cootech’s ecosystem, where they are able to make transactions on an international long-term investment.

The highlight of the dragons in Coopet is the combat system which has five element rules. The game features a “new kingdom.” Each dragon is born on different lands, which consist of various rarities. The lands they represent are: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Metal.

Each dragon has its own characteristics, features and powers. The powers of all dragons are equal, so that the players will not stand out by showing off their skills. Most talented players can compete in the Coopet solo arena and the boss hunting arena, where they will be honoured and rewarded for their commitment and strengths as players.

Each dragon in Coopet can help players make money. Players can mate male dragons in the market which will bring them a certain amount of money. If they carry rare genes, a higher price can be set for the mating. Female dragons are able to lay eggs which can be sold for money or nurtured until they hatch into babies. The eggs created through mating are called golden eggs, as well as the previously mentioned diamond eggs.

Players can recognise the difference in the dragons’ appearance, as their rare genes will differentiate their shapes and colours. Depending on their rarity, the dragons are sold at different prices.

Gaming has taken a new step using blockchain technology and Coopet has taken it a step further. Players no longer have to spend money to play a game, but can earn real money instead.

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