Money Making Effect of Newly Listed Tokens on AOFEX

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Money Making Effect of Newly Listed Tokens on AOFEX
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AOFEX continues to list quality projects to follow its mission of providing value investing for users and offer opportunities for ordinary investors.

This year, Bitcoin hit a new high of $60,000 and NFTs are booming. Metaverse, GameFi and other emerging concepts are being created. Such concepts represent important moments of the blockchain industry. Now the industry is growing quickly and attracting more assets and talents. Frankly, these emerging concepts further accelerate its development. However, we cannot ignore the significance of infrastructure. Public chains, exchanges and various smart contracts have made great contributions to its development.

There are still many quality projects to be unveiled. At this moment, exchanges are extremely prominent in exploring quality projects. Compared to other exchanges, AOFEX ranks the first by new projects.

As an important contributor of the innovation ecology of the blockchain industry, AOFEX has released the NFT Zone and listed many quality projects here during the cooling DeFi market. Until now AOFEX has listed 19 NFT tokens including AXS, ERN, MBOX, WAXP, and CHZ, over half of which have increased to 50% in a month.

In addition, AOFEX also listed GameFi, “collecables + socializing”, and consortia. AOFEX is one of the platforms which put heavy efforts on DeFi. AOFEX shows much better than other platforms on efficiency, comprehensiveness, and quality.

Moreover, to spread the secure and leading services of digital assets to the world, AOFEX established its Canada branch on September 2, 2021. The Branch will start well-rounded and diverse cooperation with KOLs, communities and media across Canada, and accelerate the compliance procedures with the MSB license in the United States. Besides, the Branch makes efforts to attract more industries, explore quality projects, and optimize the trading experience, thus highlighting our mission of developing the field of digital assets and providing quality service for users.

What can be expected is that AOFEX will provide better services for users based on its depth layout. OT will greatly contribute to the development of AOFEX. To keep the value of OT, OT will be burnt along with the listing of new tokens. On August 31, 2021, 288,461 OT was burnt. As of now, 8,844,820 OT have been burnt in total. Empowered by more application scenarios, a new round of OT boom arrives, with the increasing rate exceeded 267%+ in this year.

You can find many new and popular tokens and have better experience on AOFEX. In addition, recommended tokens on the AOFEX homepage hare soaring. AOFEX always adheres to its core concept and win-win cooperation, which can be proved from its new projects. Users obtain returns from AOFEX, which shows its value through user traffic, thus achieving win-win cooperation.

The profits of users depend on the platform’s selection of projects. AOFEX goes far beyond in terms of quality and quantity. For example, after AOFEX listed FTM, FTM has increased more than 300%, while other platforms just started listing FTM. The users who invest in this new token on AOFEX already have profited a lot.

AOFEX continues to list quality projects to follow its mission of providing value investing for users and offer opportunities for ordinary investors. For more new and quality projects, follow AOFEX’s social media.

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