Will AOFEX Become a New Leading Exchange?

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Will AOFEX Become a New Leading Exchange?
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There is a number of successful crypto platforms and exchanges that are competing on the market. But what can AOFEX offer to its users?

With the development of blockchain, the competition between various fields has become very fierce. 

As one of the few traffic entrances of blockchain, exchanges have always been such places for strategists to fight for, and their competition has already entered a serious stage. Moreover, even under the attack of three giants, namely, Binance, Huobi and OKEx, there are still many new trading platforms constantly showing their heads, injecting more innovative and fresh elements into this already fierce competition. 

AOFEX is one of the promising new trading platforms. Today, we will focus on sharing the advantages and disadvantages of the exchange, hoping to help you better what it can offer you.


Compliance: those who do not plan for the overall situation are not enough to plan for one area.

Policy risk has always been the biggest risk of blockchain investments. 

An exchange is the largest traffic portal in the blockchain field. It is especially important when you are going to deal with funds all day long. Compliance is particularly important for any trading platform with ambition and long-term perspective. The first thing to be solved is the compliance issue. After the rapid rise of 94″, the reason is that currency is more compliant than other trading platforms, and it can reassure investors. Now, AOFEX  joins the new competition, and compliance is also the first. And that is a question that needs to be considered at a time. 

On the one hand, AOFEX is operated in London, a place where digital currency policy is very loose, and it can bring more convenience to policy support. On the other hand, AOFEX also attaches great importance to supervision, such as “money laundering” “and “terrorist financing”, therefore it established a series of very complete risk control systems, which can locate and freeze suspected accounts in time, and ensure the security of the trading platform and users’ funds. Up to now, AOFEX has cooperated with relevant departments to freeze some money laundering accounts, and the result is significant. 

Therefore, from the point of view of an exchange, that can be more proactive in supervision and compliance management, it is more likely to take the lead in the large-scale application of blockchain, which is very necessary.  


Security: if you want to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools.

In addition to compliance and regulation, security issues are one of the most important issues for trading platforms. 

Basically, there will be several “trading platform theft” incidents every year. It’s unnecessary to say that even three traditional trading platforms of Binance, Huobi and OKEx can’t be avoided, and they will be visited by hackers from time to time. 

In this regard, AOFEX is trying its best to strengthen its own security barriers. 

First, the majority of the AOFEX team members are composed of top bank executives in the world, such as Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, etc. The platform introduces the world’s top traditional bank financial risk control system, with multiple underlying security technologies such as two-factor authentication, Winton detection, and warning system, cold and hot wallet separation, two databases for cross-validation, etc. It sets up sound internal supervision and early warning system, establishes a secure encrypted digital currency trading environment and ensures the safety of users’ funds. 

Secondly, AOFEX has reached a strategic agreement with Slow Mist Technology, and they have carried out extensive cooperation on digital asset transaction security, international antimoney-laundering prevention and control, etc. In terms of security, Slow Mist Technology is one of the absolute leaders in the blockchain field, with a high degree of industry recognition, such as imToken, Whale exchange, Ontology, etc., all of which use Slow Mist Technology to do security leakage. AOFEX can cooperate with it, which is enough to prove its importance to safety protection. 

In general, AOFEX is actively working to enhance its own management internally, introduce professional supervision externally, and improve its own safety protection in an all-round way, so as to create a safe and secure investment environment for investors, which is also a crucial point in the competition of trading platform. 

New Financial Product NSO 

If compliance and security are the competitive barriers that every trading platform is building, then NSO is the unique competitive advantage of AOFEX. 

In short, NSO (Non-Standardized Option) is a new digital monetary financial tool, simple, flexible and highly operational, which can effectively help investors to hedge the investment risk caused by sharp fluctuation of currency price. Compared with traditional contract transactions, NSO mainly relies on an “intelligent model” to predict the market situation, and then A series of expected returns of options are calculated to provide investors with market hedging, which has a certain universal function. 

Moreover, compared with traditional contract transactions, NSO has many advantages: for example, in traditional contract transactions, it is difficult for investors to abide by “investment discipline”, often because market influence will lead to wrong market judgments, for example, the traditional contract trading is often an independent event, which is difficult to fine-tune in the process of trading. NSO is a series of option expectations. When the market fluctuates greatly, we can fine-tune our investment strategy at any time to ensure that hedging is always within control. 

At present, AOFEX‘s unique NSO is one of its main products, which has attracted a lot of users to participate in; Moreover, in many trading platforms, there are also imitations, which also proves the superiority and attraction of NSO. 

Rewards for Users

Rewarding users: wealth gather people scattered, wealth scattered people gathered

In fact, how long a trading platform can operate, in addition to the hard power of compliance, security, and unique products, these are also very important – for example, whether it can continue to attract and maintain users. 

In view of this, AOFEX also has a very deep understanding. It has always adhered to “wealth gather people scattered” and greatly benefiting users, which is mainly reflected in the following two aspects: 

First, the platform promotions are frequent.

Generally speaking, exchange will have promotions every week or major holidays, and the promotions are simple and very powerful. For example, o“National Day”, “AOFEX 7-day Chinese National Day Carnival event there will be rewards in RMB, and users will have a possibility to participate in as long as they hold BTC or ETH! 

Second, in the process of listing tokens, the platform pays special attention to their quality.

On the other hand, AOFEX is also very responsible for users. There is basically no “altcoin” token listing. During a period of time when token(s) is listed, it is very stable, and most of them go up and down in accordance with the trend of the market. Moreover, at the beginning of the listingAOFEX will have deposit or trading promotions to maximize token liquidity and depth and create convenience for holders. 

Finally, countries are increasingly recognizing digital currency, BTC‘s new halving cycle is coming, and the bull market seems to be getting closer and closer. As the trading place of digital currency, the competition between exchanges is also becoming more and more intense. In this new battlefield that is about to open, can AOFEX break through successfully? Let’s wait and see!  

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