Internet Pioneer IPSX Announces TGE Following Successfully Concluded Private ICO

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Internet Pioneer IPSX Announces TGE Following Successfully Concluded Private ICO
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IPSX, a decentralized exchange for sharing IPs and a framework for building applications, has announced its TGE after a successful private token sale event.

Swiss-registered blockchain protocol for the sharing of IPs, IPSX, has announced the successful conclusion of its private token sale event. With 6,500 ETH raised from the community, the company is now gearing up for its public Token Generation Event (TGE), scheduled to commence shortly.

There are over 3.5 billion internet users and nearly twice as many connected devices equipped with high-speed processors and large bandwidth capabilities. These devices are the impetus behind a $60 billion industry based on the usage of remote IPs. This industry continues to grow by 16% every year as businesses and individuals continue to leverage the improved privacy, security, and remote data access for enhanced productivity.

However, the potential of this industry remains largely untapped with little to no revenue for users sharing their IPs and plenty of liabilities for the parties involved. IPSX is a fully-automated and decentralized protocol for the incentivization of the IP sharing economy.

Built on blockchain technology, the network taps into the immutable power of smart contracts to create a secure, transparent and organized marketplace ecosystem for users to seamlessly trade IPs. Individuals and businesses will be able to share their IP addresses through the platform’s customizable range of APIs and SDKs.

IPSX’s integrated cross-platform solution is powered by its IPSX token, the TGE of which is scheduled to kick off on February 28, 2018. The event will run until March 5, 2018, or when the token supply is exhausted. During this period, each IPSX token will be worth 0,0000141 ETH.

To contribute to the event, participants are expected to join IPSX telegram channel for further updates and wait for the whitelist registration announcement on social media channels and news outlets. When the announcements appear, the contributors should register and pass the KYC/AML whitelist verification and wait for KYC approval confirmation.

Contributors should note that the contribution address will be published on IPSX website, IPSX blog and IPSX Twitter minimum 24 hours before the TGE begins. All the details will also be broadcasted on official telegram channel.

IPSX is the world’s first truly decentralized IP sharing exchange network and framework, backed by a liquid token. The network has been designed to enable users build applications over existing IPs that can be shared by community members and data centers. IPSX secure and transparent environment is set to create a global IP marketplace powered by smart-contract and blockchain-protocol utility token, IPSX, which will serve as the vehicle for incentivizing all exchange on the platform.

IPSX combines flexible tools (SDKs and APIs) for entrepreneurs and developers to create a fully secured and transparent environment. The platform aims to lead the next phase of the internet’s evolution through the secure development of new applications on existing IPs on the IPSX sharing platform (VPN providers, Data Mining software, web crawling bots microtasks, etc).

Advised by Marco Houwen – one of the initiators of the privately-run but publicly supported NGO Infrachain A.S.B.l., IPSX has received support from the Luxembourg government and has been adopted by eleven of the top players in the Luxembourg Blockchain Ecosystem.

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