NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO Is Now Officially Released!

Place/Date: - September 16th, 2021 at 6:52 pm UTC · 5 min read
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NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO Is Now Officially Released!

This marks the beginning of a professional NFT data aggregation platform for NFT beginners, buyers, and researchers. Let’s start your NFT journey with NFTGO.

NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO Is Now Officially Released!

For those who are unfamiliar, NFTGO is an aggregator that collects and visualizes real-time data around NFT assets and their trading volume across all chains, specifically Ethereum, Flow, BSC, Polkadot, etc. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends and optimize your NFT purchase and investment decisions through the NFTGO platform.

NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO Is Now Officially Released!

Nowadays, NFT(non-fungible tokens) has penetrated in almost every industry. Based on blockchain technique, virtual assets have gained much attention by virtue of their uniqueness, indivisibility, rarity and verifiability in areas like gaming, art, sports, media, etc.

When people first enter this virtual world, some questions are frequently asked: How to discover the most trendy & valuable NFT? How to purchase NFT? What is the market trend of NFT? How to know the return on investment? How to evaluate my NFT assets?

Well, hold on, all these questions could be well answered on NFTGO. Building “The gateway to the NFT ecosystem” and revolutionize NFT marketplace, this is why NFTGO, a professional and user-friendly NFT data aggregator, is designed and launched. NFTGO offers its users several key services to better revolutionize NFT ecosystem and solve the problems below:

Visualization of Market Data. NFTGO collects and visualizes real-time data on NFT trading and asset across the network catering to users’ needs, through which users can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends, and optimize their NFT purchase and investment decisions.

NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO Is Now Officially Released!

Ranking. NFTGO provides a multi-dimensional ranking of NFT-related indicators for users and investors. NFTGO also provides latest rankings of assets, collections, holders and whales based on its aggregated data. Therefore, you could:

  • Discover high-value NFT projects and assets;
  • Track NFT whales;
  • Assess the investment value of NFTs and NFT tokens;
  • Trace NFT owners across the network;
  • Overview ranking based on total value and its increase of total market cap;
  • Collection growth, asset value, the number of holders, holding value of whales, etc.

NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO Is Now Officially Released!

Asset Search Engine. NFTGO is just a “Google” with multi-functions in NFT fields, and it is much more needed currently. NFTGO aggregates high-quality NFT assets and builds a special index based on their meta data, which allows users to search for NFT assets in one platform, changing your exploration of the NFT world in a more convenient and efficient way. After typing the asset you are looking for in the search bar, users can get overall data of the asset or collection, including their basic information, traders/total value/volume trends, NFT value, holders, liquidity, NFT assets and deals, etc. What’s more, you can search specific whale addresses on NFTGO and know their NFT holdings.

NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO Is Now Officially Released!

Take CryptoKitties as an example. NFTGO provides users with the basic information on the NFT project they are looking for, like hyperlink to its homepage, transaction coin(s), contract, rank and asset category(in this case, collectibles). Besides, they can refresh to get latest information, share it to friends or community, and check likes to judge the popularity of it. Also, they can also get information on its market performance, and better their purchase and investment based on the statistics of traders, total value, volume, NFTs launched, holders and liquidity. Specific information on its NFTs can also be found, including the value of its top hot NFTs and recently created NFTs, and the prices of the latest deals can also be used as a gauge in investing NFTs of a similar kind. What’s more, users can also refer to the top 10 NFTs and holders of the project as a guidance for their foray into the NFT ecosystem.

MarketPlaces Aggregator. With the emergence and increase of decentralized NFT trading markets and lack of interoperability between different platforms, users have a greater demand for a platform that collects and shares NFT trading information, and empowers them to quickly buy and sell NFTs accordingly. Therefore, besides an asset search engine, NFTGO is also equipped with cross-platform trading information aggregation. The function can enable its users to get in-depth, comprehensive information on NFT trading, and, more importantly, to get better purchase experience with greater accessibility and efficiency.

NFT Evaluator & Oracle. Since the launch of CryptoKitties in 2017, the valuation of NFTs has always been hinders by several factors as follows: low market liquidity, NFT diversity, high speculation. However, in the Web3 world, data is the basis to drive asset valuation. Diversified standards could be set and solved by NFTGO huge database and on-chain information with a series of research specialists. Math is the truth, and data matters more. Therefore, with a data aggregation engine hosting a variety of basic and advanced indicators, NFTGO is building a set of NFT valuation models that keep abreast with latest market conditions to equip its users with more insights.

To Big Moon

In the future, NFTGO aims to leap again to be an NFT “Disney Land” to create an integrated virtual economy with a complete set of experiences around NFT. With expansive opportunities waiting ahead in the promising NFT world, NFTGO is more than excited and courageous to change the game, to the moon.

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