How NFT Games Are Incorporating Team Tournaments

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How NFT Games Are Incorporating Team Tournaments
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Tournaments are important for NFT-based games because they help to bridge the gap between them and traditional games.

Anyone who is interested in the blockchain has likely come across the concept of NFT gaming. NFT stands for non-fungible token and refers to representations of assets on blockchains. In the last few years, they have become popular ways for people to sell assets and collectibles, with some NFTs selling for thousands of dollars.

NFTs have also become a mainstay in the gaming world, with several NFT-based gaming coming onto the scene. The typical setup of these games is that players make use of NFT characters for one-on-one competitions or win NFTs after succeeding in gaming challenges.

Over time, the idea of what can be done with NFTs in gaming has been expanded on and now, team tournaments are more of a thing in the NFT space.

Team Tournaments in NFT Gaming

As much as single-player games are popular around the world, multiplayer games are also beloved by gaming fans. This is because they foster a sense of community among players who band together to win competitions by sharing skills and in-game resources.

This has made multiplayer games some of the most popular in the world with titles like Minecraft and Apex Legends. For those who are interested in NFT-based games, they are not being left behind. As the genre has become more popular in general, a  number of NFT-focused games have begun rolling out multiplayer tournaments and options.

Take Sushiverse, an Ethereum-based NFT game that features virtual sushi characters that players can use to win challenges. After rolling out single-player functions in the last year, Sushiverse has now opened up a multiplayer function.

This new multiplayer option is open to all users and those who participate can also enter SushiVerse’s Battle of Sushitopia tournament. The tournament will be running from December 16, 2021, to December 22nd, 2021. The prize for the tournament is $27,000 which is part of a pool that will be shared among the members of the winning team.

Players do not join teams by themselves but are randomly paired with others when they enter the virtual dojo. Whichever team can get 20 kills first wins that round and 3 different mechas can be chosen from during these games.

There are some advantages, however, for holders of Legendary Sushi as they enjoy access to a stronger Mecha as well as being able to see their Sushis as they pilot their mechas. At the end of the tournament, the funds will be divided among players based on how many wins they are able to secure (each player is noted as having a win).

Why Tournaments Are Important for NFT Games

Tournaments are important for NFT-based games because they help to bridge the gap between them and traditional games. Most gamers are already used to playing tournaments and multiplayer games with existing offerings and if NFT-based games are going to compete, offering similar options is important.

These tournaments and multiplayer games also tap into the close-knit community that is blockchain enthusiasts. The industry has come as far as it has thanks to the community and with tournaments that offer rewards, it is simply another way to cater to and reward them.

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