NFT Inspect Announces New Community Council Members & Collaborative Partner for Ongoing Project Activity

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NFT Inspect Announces New Community Council Members & Collaborative Partner for Ongoing Project Activity
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Leading Web3 project NFT Inspect recently undertook some shakeups amid activity geared toward increased adoption of decentralized technology.

NFT Inspect has made key announcements regarding its ongoing project activity, including onboarding new team members and a strategic investment infusion. The one-stop-shop Web3 support app has been active lately alongside its Community Council members to enhance the blockchain and Web3 space.

Besides growing its board with two new Community Council members, the NFT Inspect team has added a new investment and collaboration partner. The team expects these developments to help boost the operations of the web-based app and browser extension. In addition, NFT Inspect’s new partner could expand the project into new activities and areas of significance for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3.

Meet the New Team Members Expected to Aid Project Activity

The NFT Inspect project activity recently added recognized crypto devotee and digital illustrator Elena to its board. The Web3 player’s profile description for the elevated Community Council member read:

“[Elena is] a recognized figure in the Web3 news and reporting spaces. She has extensive knowledge of analyzing communities and projects, making her a perfect fit to further improve NFT Inspect’s tools and cement the service as an essential resource for the entire Web3 ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, NFT Inspect described its second newly-appointed Council board member Wale Swoosh as “a researcher in residence and a Web3 expert by every measure”.

According to NFT Inspect, joint efforts with its new Community Council members will sustain ongoing efforts in vital Web3-focused areas. These areas include outreach, research, education, reporting, and analysis. Furthermore, the platform seeks to bring immense value to other players in the Web3 and NFT space.

NFT Inspect revealed that it would stay true to its original agenda to establish a more decentralized and collaborative future. This goal would serve every facet and tier of the Web3 space, such as applications, services, creators, brands, and consumers.

Furthermore, NFT Inspect plans to leverage its resources and industrial antecedents to provide new access and opportunities to investors and enthusiasts. The platform revealed that it would further grow its enormous user base of over 100,000 patrons across platforms and channels. This expansion plan inevitably feeds into NFT Inspect’s goal of becoming a main activity hub for NFT communities.

JVH Technology Acquires NFT Inspect

In late March, NFT Inspect came under new ownership as part of its plans to foster increased Web3 adoption. Seychelles-based blockchain tech company JVH Technology Inc acquired the web-based app and browser extension. In a release, JVH Technology described the acquisition as a significant milestone in the industry. Commenting on the acquisition at the time, the company’s Business Development Head, Allan Satim, said:

“We are thrilled to have acquired such a remarkable and popular Web3 project. Inspect has already established an exceptional community, and we are excited to integrate additional resources into the Inspect ecosystem while placing a strong emphasis on community involvement and the fundamental principles of Web3.”

Furthermore, Satim added that JVH Technology envisioned NFT Inspect as an essential contributor in the NFT and SocialFi space.

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