NFT Animation Studio Superplastic Raises $20M with Backing from Amazon, Google

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NFT Animation Studio Superplastic Raises $20M with Backing from Amazon, Google
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Superplastic will work with Amazon Studios to develop an animated comedy series that will feature the popular “synthetic” characters – Janky and Guggimon. 

Creative NFT studio Superplastic has recently secured $20 million in Series A funding backed by some of the top-tech giants like Amazon, Google, Sony Japan, and Animoca Brands.

Superplastic works on creating and developing “synthetic” celebrity characters. These synthetic celebrities are present on popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and exist as influencers with millions of followers.

With Amazon’s Alexa Fund leading the strategic investment into Superplastic, the “synthetic” characters will collaborate on an animated comedy series with Amazon Studios. This partnership will also unlock new ways of connecting with younger audiences.

Superplastic’s synthetic characters appear across the media spectrum which includes animated entertainment, fashion, and live experiences. The series will center around the two most popular characters developed by Superplastic – Janky and Guggimon.

Apart from Amazon, some of the big players who participated in the funding include Craft Ventures, Google Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Kering, Sony Japan, Scribble Ventures, Kakao, Animoca Brands, Day One Ventures, and Betaworks. So far, Superplastic has raised a total of $58 million.

During his recent interview, Superplastic’s founder and CEO Paul Budnitz said that their investor’s reach in media, commerce, logistics, and technology will gain from this collaboration. He added:

“Amazon is everywhere. And as an IP company, to me it’s interesting what can we do with Whole Foods.”

Superplastic hasn’t disclosed the valuation at which it has raised the recent funding. Apart from Amazon, other strategic backers will work with Superplastic on building out more character-based products. They will be part of the Superplastic character universe across platforms such as social networks and games.

NFT Studio Superplastic Becoming Today’s Disney

Superplastic CEO said that the deal set the company on the path of becoming this generation’s Disney. It will feature beloved characters with a universe of experiences built around them.

Budnitz added that Superplastic has a whole team of creative humans that go around building concepts and characters like Janky and Guggimon. Superplastic will function as a built-from-the-ground-up tech platform that allows users to put together videos and other experiences together. Here, the characters will interact with brands and other influencers on the world stage.

“Amazon is the perfect partner” to contribute to cutting-edge technology said Budnitz. Amazon Web Services hosts the Superplastic platform.

Superplastic brings a new dimension to the way consumers interact on social platforms. It addresses the blurred lines between media and tech.

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