NFTs Come to Pop Culture, Saturday Night Live Does Skit about NFTs

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NFTs Come to Pop Culture, Saturday Night Live Does Skit about NFTs
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The sketch from Saturday Night Live represents characters like US Treasury Secretary and a funny rap about NFT tokens.

With the latest craze around non-fungible tokens, Saturday Night Live did a skit about NFTs featuring US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. During the last night SNL shows, comedian Kate McKinnon portrayed Yellen speaking at a university economy class.

Here, at Saturday Night Live, a student asks her to explain what exactly are NFTs in form of a rap. The student asks:

“What the hell’s an NFT? Apparently cryptocurrency. Everyone’s making so much money — can you please explain what’s an NFT?”

Interestingly, the sketch features an absolutely absurd list of some of the real and invested NFTs in the crypto space. It includes images of Family Guy character Peter Griffin as well as the US Supreme Court Justice Chuck E. Cheese.

The characters of the sketch consist of Peter Davidson who represents rapper Eminem and dressed as Batman’s sidekick Robin. Another character is Chris Redd’s Morpheus from The Matrix franchise. A hapless man with a mop who p[lays the musical guest Jack Harlow offers the most plausible explanations of NFT tokens. Harlow rapped:

“Non-fungible means that it’s unique. There can only be one like you and me. NFTs are insane, built on a blockchain. A digital ledger of transactions, it records information on what’s happening. Once it’s minted, you can sell it as art.”

In the final second of the SNL sketch, all three characters along with “Yellen” are cut out of the still frame and pasted into a background of the Abbey Road crossing from the Beatles’ album.

NFTs Making Their Way to Pop Culture

Non-Fungible tokens have gained immense popularity in recent times and the recent example shows that they have made a sound entry in the pop culture as well. After creating massive noise in the digital art space, NFTs are now getting recognition in the music world.

Recently, popular American Rock Band Kings of Leon recently released their album in the form of NFTs. They have also launched special VIP passes for tour packages in the form of NFTs. The band has raised nearly $2 million from their NFT sale.

Popular Hollywood star and singer Lindsay Lohan has also joined the NFT market. She is currently auctioning her new “Lullaby” song as an NFT.

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