NFTYInvestors Starts NFTY Token Presale

Place/Date: - February 21st, 2023 at 3:55 pm UTC · 4 min read
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NFTYInvestors Starts NFTY Token Presale

Are you ready to enter the future of investing? NFTYInvestors is an all-encompassing ecosystem created by cryptocurrency professionals sharing a joint idea. NFTYInvestors is your chance to get high-reward investment options by participating in an investment portfolio, debt financing, and seed investing. This project is enhanced by blockchain and supported by SolidProof and Coinsult. These crypto startups will audit contracts, teams, and KYC.

NFTYInvestors is more than just an investment fund – it’s a vibrant ecosystem designed for your financial triumph. It will change the investing domain and bring accessible opportunities to ordinary people. Join the NFTYInvestors and feel the future!

What Is NFTYInvestors?

Take control of your financial future with NFTYInvestors! Today investment funds usually are available to people with a lot of money, requiring at least $100,000 to enter. But NFTYInvestors creates an investment fund accessible to everyone with any investment money!

NFTYInvestors is a high-reward investment fund secured with an underlying finance license. It is a fully audited and fully KYCed project. A team of highly proficient investment seekers within numerous investment disciplines is working on onboarding high-reward opportunities. Their NFTY token presale aims to build the community to drive the project forward.

How NFTYInvestors differs from traditional competitors? You’ll be able to dictate how your portfolio is managed, choosing a low, medium, or high-risk bias. NFTYInvestors will pay you daily or weekly to enable you to watch how your investments grow in real time! Traditional investment funds don’t do that.

The NFTYInvestors team will constantly be looking for investment opportunities with high potential in various financial disciplines, including real estate, tech startups, commodities, ETFs, iShare, and more. NFTYInvestors is excellent for growing your capital via smart investments and participating in exciting financial opportunities.

Founders have taken crucial steps to protect your investments by applying for a financial license. They will adhere to international finance laws, avoiding mishaps like those with FTX. Moreover, the team also aims to lower the volatility risk within their investment portfolio by using FIAT for their financial investments. At the same time, they will keep an additional revenue stream through crypto gains in $NFTYI Coin. It’s a win-win!

Refrain from settling for modest investment alternatives. Join the revolution with NFTYInvestors and take control of your financial future in 2023!

NFTYInvestors Roadmap

Founders have completed its first milestones from the roadmap and accelerated their efforts for the most thrilling milestone – the NFTY Coin token presale on! NFTYInvestors start their roadmap’s third milestone with the following goals:

  • Launch smart contract on mainnet
  • Launch Decentralised Exchange presale
  • Develop a smart contract for gains sharing algorithm
  • Identify businesses and potential celebrity endorsements and partnerships
  • Generate global press release about NFTYInvestors
  • Launch PR campaign on our NFTY NFTs and NFTY Coin offering

The following roadmap milestones contain:

  • Launch coin on Pancakeswap
  • Launch first set of NFTY NFTs
  • Launch social campaigns to drive trending NFTY NFTs sales status
  • Begin work on our Investment platform
  • Multiple exchange listings
  • Further PR campaigns on NFTY NFTs launch
  • Further PR campaigns on NFTY Coin
  • Launch paid advertising on the investor platform

NFTYInvestors is also bringing the heat with an epic $3,000 Airdrop! 125 blessed winners will get $20 in NFTYI tokens! The Airdrop ends on February 20th, 2023, and the tokens will be distributed on March 1st, 2023.

NFTYInvestors Founders

NFTYInvestors Starts NFTY Token Presale

Meet the driving force behind NFTYInvestors – Sean Camilleri and James Bason! They’re ready to change the rules of investing and show ordinary people accessible financial opportunities.

Sean Camilleri is a cutting-edge leader, bringing many famous financial products to success. He worked in managing positions as CEO and CFO in FCM Bank Limited, Tangiers Group, Deutsche Bank, and Bravo Group. This person is skilled in leading high-function executive management teams.

James Bason is a result-driven and passionate executive leader. He worked as CPO at leading crypto projects like Finixio, Lucky Block, and Beeston Group. He specializes in Product and Tech departmental verticals and has experience building great communities.

NFTY Token Presale

NFTYInvestors Starts NFTY Token Presale

NFTYCoin presale is the first stage of your success, allowing you to multiply your investments as the project evolves. No wonder NFTYInvestors has just hit 5 million $NFTYI tokens sold in the first week and has amassed more than 35,000 telegram subscribers. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get NFTYCoins because their price will increase:

  • Stage 1: $0.015
  • Stage 2: $0.016
  • Stage 3: $0.01725
  • Stage 4: $0.0185
  • Stage 5: $0.01975

Join the future of investment funds right now and get your presale NFTYCoin tokens! Every NFTY holder will get rewards, discounts on NFTY NFT purchases, and exciting member benefits. Check their website – the time to invest is now!

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