Nike (NKE) Set to Release New Smart Shoe That Can Be Laced with Siri

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Nike (NKE) Set to Release New Smart Shoe That Can Be Laced with Siri
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In September Nike will release a new line of its Huarache shoes but this time, they will be equipped with FitAdapt technology, allowing users to control the lacing via a mobile app or through Siri. Nike has not yet set a price.

Advancement in technology and all of its innovations have uses and applications in various sectors ranging from finance to education, health and even all the way to fashion. Back in January this year, Nike released its $350 Adapt BB, a smart shoe designed for basketball players that adjusts itself to the wearer’s feet, ensuring a more secure and comfortable fit. Now, Nike as announced that it will be using the same smart technology for its new upcoming shoes, the Nike Adapt Huarache.

The Adapt Huarache

The Huarache line first released by Nike in 1991, was largely made with neoprene, offering a proper and “constant hug” to the wearer’s fit. Now with Nike Adapt Huarache about 28 years later, the Nike FitAdapt technology has been adapted to deliver the ultimate smart shoe described by the company as “an intelligent platform that updates and evolves along with the user.”

The new Adapt Huarache’s best feature is probably its integration with a “multi-faceted Nike Adapt app.” The app will have a good number of preset options for various sizes of feet and also have options connected to the Nike FitAdapt lacing system for several possible activities a wearer will partake in with the shoes on.

Users can select whatever fit they like based on why they’re wearing the shoe, and experience different levels of comfort or fit depending on a specific activity. So whether you’re taking a stroll, playing basketball, working out at the gym or doing a short sprint, several specific lacing fits are available for you.

Furthermore, the app will also be compatible with both the Apple Watch and Siri, giving users a wider range of control for the shoes. Voice controls are reportedly available as well, so a wearer can speak to Siri about loosening or tightening the shoes.

On aesthetics, Nike says the new shoe’s design would not be elaborate. The announcement says:

“The aesthetic of the Nike Adapt Huarache takes loose inspiration from its namesake. Branding is minimal and aquatic odes (the original neoprene bootie was derived from a water ski) define both colorways and the articulation of the new shoe’s outer shroud.”

The new shoes, just like January’s Adapt BB, will have LED lights on the side of each sole, which will display different colors depending on the specific connection with the app. The shoes are set for release on Friday the 13th of September and will only be initially available through a restricted number of retailers as well as Nike’s SNKRS app.

At the moment, the footwear giant has not hinted about a price but there are more than a few speculations that say it will cost around $350, the same price as the Adapt BB when it was released.

Nike, Inc (NKE) closed on the 29th of August at $85.38, more than a 2% increase from the previous close at $83.48. Earlier this month, NKE crashed to unfavorable lows but has risen from said lows to become the Dow’s second-best performer, rising 4% this week alone. Experts predict a surge could begin very soon.

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