NOIA Network Makes Unused Bandwidth and Storage Work for You

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
NOIA Network Makes Unused Bandwidth and Storage Work for You
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Are you tired of extremely slow page loading? NOIA Network comes up with a solution. The completely new form of seamless content delivery network serves as an optimization layer for all internet while utilizing your idle resources.

The growth of the internet traffic has been and is continuing to be tremendous. Cisco forecasts that in 2021 there will be around 105,800 GB per second being transferred compared to just 26,600 GB in 2016.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are currently one of the main pillars of the internet infrastructure. They bring certain efficiencies to the infrastructure but they also have limitations. They are very centralized, costly to build and maintain, and they do not necessarily reach the low-availability areas in underdeveloped countries. Because of these limitations, the global internet infrastructure is not developing fast enough to cater to the ever-increasing demand for content.

The efficiency of the internet infrastructure is highly dependent on the number of its Points-of-Presence (POPs). However, your computer is also able to act as a POP just in a way CDNs do. Currently the biggest number of POPs is in the hands of Akamai.

The company is in around 1,600 different locations. Based on a disruptive blockchain technology, NOIA Network will grow to have hundreds of thousands of POPs. This number can increase rapidly as there is practically no costs related to setting up a node on your computer.

Let Your Idle Resources Earn Money

NOIA Network is trying to change the way internet works. They are creating a network that allows everyone to share their idle computer resources and earn money for doing so. All those voluntary nodes that contribute their bandwidth and storage to the network form an additional layer of the internet infrastructure that changes the way data is transferred across the web.

The core principle of NOIA’s working model is caching a website’s content across a decentralized network of computers in a way that allows it to reach a user just in a matter of seconds. When using NOIA, website’s content is automatically cached and scaled throughout the network according to the location of its users and the traffic it gets. As a result, when users loads a website, the content is delivered directly from NOIA’s network without requesting it from the source where it initially was hosted.

Blockchain Replaces a Missing Piece of the Concept

For a long time NOIA Network was not possible to be implemented in real life. There was no way to automatically and effortlessly reward the participating nodes for their contribution. Blockchain technology finally solved this issue. Now, the monetary values are being transacted autonomously with the help of self-executed smart contracts.

By applying the next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocols, artificial intelligence (AI) and decentralized blockchain technology, NOIA aims to combine hundreds of thousands of computers that serve as a POP in one single “intranet” and provide an opportunity to every web content provider in the world to use this “intranet” to deliver their content to a global audience of visitors.

NOIA Network Team

The team under the hood of NOIA Network project unites both deep hands-on blockhain experts and highly experienced software developers. Their backgrounds include 5 years at Skype working with peer-to-peer network stack; 3 years in J.P Morgan as Associate Applications Developer in Securitized Products Trading Technology team; and even large-scale multi-biometric system development. Working together, they have obtained enough stamina to put their vision of seamless content delivery into practice for building decentralized NOIA Network.

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